Chargers gonna charger, even without Phil. Been a "contender" for the past few off-seasons. Bring it

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Move Down: It's amazing to me that the Broncos jumped up so high. Let's just say they're the second best team in the AFC West with that defense, Bridgewater/Lock should not give them better odds than prior playoff teams like the Colts, Saints, and Seahawks who follow at +2500.

Move Up: With that said, those four teams all technically have uncertainty at QB which makes me think a playoff team like the Titans should have the same, if not better odds.

Interest: The Colts are a really good playoff team and had a great run with Uncle Phil last season. They honestly should have beaten the Bills. Coach Frank Reich is really hoping in the promise that came from Wentz's 2017 season, but should he deliver, the Colts could be right up there.

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