Very Early NFL 2022 Super Bowl Bets

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The NFL offseason has concluded. The 2021 NFL Draft has concluded. NFL teams are still building out rosters and several big names players could be traded prior to week one.

Those of you who enjoy betting on sports should love placing early bets on Super Bowl odds. I know I do, even when my batting average on these bets have been historically shameful.

Chiefs +525 

Buccaneers +650 

Bills +1300 

Ravens +1400 

Rams +1400 

49ers +1400 

Packers +1600 

Browns +1800 

Broncos +2000 

Colts +2500 

Saints +2500 

Seahawks +2500 

Dolphins +2800 

Cowboys +2800 

Titans +3000 

Patriots +3000 

Steelers +3500 

Chargers +3500 

Cardinals +4000 

Vikings +4000 

Falcons +5000 

Bears +5000 

Washington Football Team +5000 

Panthers +6000 

Raiders +7000 

Giants +7500 

Eagles +7500 

Bengals +10000 

Jaguars +10000 

Jets +10000 

Lions +15000 

Texans +20000

Three teams have caught my eye as sleepers to place early bets on.

New England Patriots (+3000)

Bill Belichick should be more motivated than ever this season. Judging by the offseason the Patriots had, that statement is valid and can’t really be argued. Drafting Mac Jones with the 15th overall draft pick is what everyone talks about when discussing the Patriots season.

Will Mac Jones even start within the first few weeks of the season? We really don’t know, and probably won’t know anytime soon.

One thing we do know is that Bill Belichick somehow managed to squeeze seven wins out of arguably one of the five worst rosters in the entire league last season. Nick Saban and Alabama had more talented offensive players than the Patriots had at the NFL level last season.

Regardless of who lines up behind center, the additions of Hunter Henry and Jonnu Smith alone will make this offense run at a much higher efficiency. The reason to place a bet on the New England Patriots Super Bowl odds is because of Bill Belichick. The greatest head coach in the history of the NFL isn’t satisfied with mediocrity. It wouldn’t surprise me to see the Patriots win 11-12 games with Cam Newton at quarterback. 

Mac Jones becoming a monumental success in year one would purely be extra value at these current odds. 

Los Angeles Chargers (+3500)

History in this league has shown that if you have a franchise quarterback, your outlook on any season can change drastically. The Chargers have had historically bad luck with injuries and play in a tough division that could become that much tougher if the Denver Broncos and/or Vegas Raiders can put together a more competitive season. 

I can make a strong argument that if you remove Tyreek Hill or Travis Kelce from the Kansas City Chiefs, the Los Angeles Chargers have the best roster in the AFC West. I’m fully aware that this is a hypothetical scenario, but my overall conclusion with the Chargers is that their division is a lot more open than many believe. The Chiefs have completely revamped their offensive line, and I still have plenty of questions regarding their defense as a whole. 

Both Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes have done a superb job of covering up other holes on the roster. That trend could certainly continue into the 2021 season, but I refuse to say they’re guaranteed to win 13+ games and run away with this division. 

If Justin Herbert improves in year two, I would not be surprised if the Los Angeles Chargers emerge as real contenders in the AFC.

Chicago Bears (+5000)

Justin Fields. 

That’s it. That’s my evaluation. 

If Matt Nagy unleashes Justin Fields in a way many believe he should, the Bears have a shot at winning that division. Yes, a lot of this also factors into the Aaron Rodgers situation in Green Bay. If Rodgers is traded or retires, the Bears would easily become the favorite to win that division, I believe. 

Aaron Rodgers plays a major factor into these odds as if he is not in that division the Bears Super Bowl odds will 100% not be anywhere near where they are today. 

As I mentioned with the Chargers, a franchise altering quarterback can make an enormous positive impact on a team.

If Justin Fields is that dude in Chicago, don’t sleep on these odds. 

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