Sep 22, 2021 • 1HR 9M

Mic'd Up Podcast: Taunting, Transfers and Tik Tok

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A daily football podcast from former Stick to Football co-host Mello; featuring a rotating cast of characters, great guests and all the news and takes you need to start your day. Forget coffee, get Mic'd Up.
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In segment one Mello and Big Country try to figure out what is taunting in the NFL and what isn't - maybe there is a conspriracy theory we're unaware of??? Everyone wants the Washington quarterback job but does Washington want anyone? Next, in segment two the boys look at some of the names already entering the trasnfer portal and could Deion Sanders be the coach at Florida State or USC? Big Country gives his weekly power rankings and we talk about what he can do to get his views up on Tik Tok - *spoiler alert* it's not show less skin.

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