As a Panthers fan I would like to say that I love the Jaycee Horn pick. I think he will be a great fit in that defense. The Panthers' defense has so many good young players right now. I do hate that the Lions chose Sewell one pick ahead as I would have liked him to fall in our lap, but I am happy so far.

Outside of my team, three of my favorites are:

Fields to Chicago

Parsons to Dallas

Paye to Indianapolis

Least favorites:

Leatherwood to Oakland

Etienne to Jacksonville

Newsome II to Cleveland

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My favorite pick was Fields to Chicago. They needed a QB, so they went and got one. They were pretty good last year with very bad QB play so this could be huge.

My least favorite pick is Chase to Cincinnati. I know he might be great but they need greatness on the line, and Sewell was sitting there. They could have even traded back and gotten Sewell or Slater but they got a WR. A potentially good one, but it won't matter if Burrows gets hit 15-20 times a game. They proved last year that they couldn't protect him. I predict Burrows will end this season on the injured reserved list again.

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My favorite pick in terms of building a roster was Slater to the Chargers. Got the best center on the market in free agency and just got maybe the best left tackle in the draft. Herbert now will have time to throw darts all over the field, now they need to get him another receiver and another corner or two and this team should be ready to compete.

Didn’t understand Surtain to the Broncos... good player but I thought the Broncos could have gone in many other directions since they already addressed the position in free agency. They could have gone QB, OT, LB, but they are hoping that one of their weaknesses in 2020 becomes a strength

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Darrisaw to the Vikes after trading down felt like the perfect “pick up extra assets and still get your guy” type of pick. Bateman will also be perfect for Lamar. Etienne is a good fit with the Jags and a great player but I thought that was just not great value when you could have gotten a defensive playmaker like Moehrig there.

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I mean my team is a gigantic mess obviously but I like Stokes in Green Bay. That pairing with Jaire could be great.

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Da Bears

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Payton fucking Turner.

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NY Giants getting all those picks from Da Bears!

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We should be more critical of Carolina/Denver passing on Justin Fields than the Raiders selecting Leatherwood.

A QB needy team passing one of the best QB prospects in the draft is a much worse sin than a team needing an OT not trading down to select one.

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How was Stokes such a reach when you had him going at 39 in your last mock draft. Sounds pretty lame to me , but I guess it wasn’t who you thought they would take so it hurt your feelings.

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How was Stokes such a reach when you had him going at 39 in your last mock draft. Sounds pretty lame to me , but I guess it wasn’t who you thought they would take so it hurt your feelings.

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As a Packers' fan, I like Stokes. Dude can run. Packers need to be able to play man more.

Worst pick bar none is Leatherwood. Darrisaw was still on the board. So was Davis, all the edge rushers. Raiders may have been able to get him in round 2.

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As a Bills fan the Alijah Vera-Tucker move gives the jets a scary left side of the line, I do like the Rousseau pick but I had my heart set on JOK. Obviously Vegas was a huge reach, Waddle isn't my favorite but I won't bash it

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A few selections caught my attention:

1. The Bears, Chargers, Vikings, and Bills all got tremendous value with Fields, Slater, Darrisaw, and Rousseau, respectively. I’m personally higher on Rousseau than most people.

2. What Howie Roseman did for my Eagles was nothing short of marvelous, securing the player they most likely would have selected anyway at 6, and netted a 1st round pick as profit.

3. I love the fit for Jamin Davis in the middle of Ron Rivera’s defense. Ron found his next Luke Kuechly.

4. I have no clue what Gruden and Mayock are doing anymore. I don’t get the Leatherwood pick at all.

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Loved the Jets picks! Need Joe to move up to get Elijah Moore, Asante, or Azeez

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Loved Fields to Chicago. I think they may have overpaid slightly but the chance to go up and get your guy is worth it. As a Bears fan, I also love the Eric Stokes pick by the Packers. I think he is just a track guy and anything to piss Rodgers off more is welcomed.

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I’ll always be the first to hate on Howie for his inability to draft. But my guy came through by picking up an extra first to trade back and only really giving up a third to move back up two spots. Devonta Smith will be fantastic as an Eagle.

And as much as I hate to say it, parsons to Dallas is a PROBLEM...

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Loved the first rounds for San Fran, Detroit, Chicago, Chargers, Minnesota, and Baltimore.

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Wilson and Vera-Tucker in the first round and the Jets still have 19 picks remaining this year and next. Chess.

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Most favorite as a Bears fan...Justin Fields...also big fan of Stokes to GB (please trade Rodgers now). Least favorite was probably Leatherwood, but that seems to easy.

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In no particular order for the 1st Rd...

Top 5

- DET Sewell

- CHI Fields (unfortunately)

- DAL Parsons

- LAC Slater

- WAS Davis

Bottom 5

- LV Leatberwood

- TEN Farley

- JAX Etienne

- NO Turner

- GB Stokes (thankfully)

PS, super sad DET passed on JOK in the 2nd Rd!

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My favorites are Najee Harris to the Steelers and Rashawn Slater to the Chargers, my least favorites are the Saints and the Raiders because both players could've been drafted in the later rounds. The Raiders could've drafted Jenkins or Dickinson which would be better for the team than reaching, the Saints could've drafted Rousseau or Ossai who are better players than Tucker

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I loved the Jamin Davis pick, as well as Slater and the Bears trading up for Fields. The Leatherwood selection was not my favorite, but I hated the Etienne selection by the Jaguars, not cause of Etienne I love him as a player, but they did not need a RB imo

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My favorites:

Fields to Chicago where I think he comes into a great situation to learn and develop.

Kwity Paye to Indianapolis is another that I liked who I think will be a great fit in that defense and culture.

The Jets trading up to get Alijah Vera-Tucker in order to protect Zach Wilson was one of my favorites as well.

Least Favorite:

Raiders passing on Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah in order to get Leatherwood who likely would have been available when they picked in the second round.

Honorable Mentions:

I think Cleveland should have picked Owusu-Koramoah but I am also a big Greg Newsome fan and believe he will fit in well there.

I also think Arizona should have taken a chance on Caleb Farley, I know his back issues might have been a concern but I think they needed someone else to add to that secondary in order to help defend against the rest of the division full of great offenses. I will say that I do like Zaven Collins pick, but think they should have added to the secondary.

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Bateman -> BAL

Fields -> CHI

Slater -> LAC

Darrinsaw -> MIN

All great players drafted later than they should've been who also fit a need of their new teams.


- Toney -> NYG

There were several bettter WRs on the board. Trade down was good though.

- Leatherwood -> OAK

There are teams that don't draft well in the first round, then there is the Oakland Raiders. It always seem like they don't want to be successful.

- Ettiene -> JAX

You shouldn't draft a RB in the 1st round but I can understand it if you don't have any good RB AND the player you're picking is complete and fantastic. Neither is true in this case.

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Loved Chase to Bengals, Waddle to Dolphins, and Smith to Eagles. Leatherwood was a reach. Don’t understand Horn to Panthers.

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Darrisaw to my Vikes after securing two thirds I LOVE. Davis and Lance are both great picks as well. Leatherwood and Stokes are the unanimous bad ones.

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Had 0 belief Slater would be available to the Chargers at 13, what a snag!

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- Gregory Rousseau at 30 is a steal. No way he'd have made it outside the top 10 if he had played in 2020

- Vikings trading down and still getting Darrisaw was well done

- I'll echo others in saying that Leatherwood and Stokes both felt like reaches

- It felt a bit early for Kadarius Toney, as well

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How'd everyone do in the Mock Draft Contest?

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Favorite pick was Zaven Collins at 16. I love this guys game and he was such a great player and leader for Tulsa. Was very surprised with Alex Leatherwood and Eric Stokes picks as they both are HUGE reaches in my opinion. Also a surprise to me was Travis Etienne to the Jags. It’s not a knock on the player cause i think he should have been the first RB off the board. It just felt like the Jags had other needs and have James Robinson. Seemed odd but love ETN

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Slater, Farley, Smith were 3 of my favorites. Also like Sewell for Detroit.

Least favorite was Etienne to Jags.

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Favorites: Slater to LAC, Jamin to WSH

Least Favorite: Etienne to JAX

I feel like Jacksonville really missed an opportunity to fill a need here with their second first rounder, instead drafting a player at a position they don’t need.

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Miami fan here but wanted to talk about some other teams. I was excited for both Justin Fields and the bears to be united. Seeing Fields name get dragged through the mud for weeks and it was great to see him go at 11. Picks that just didn't make sense to me were Toney to the Giants. I thought OL made more sense there. Also, I get people like Trevor and Etienne being back together but their comments after about using Etienne as a 3rd down back are head scratching. James Robinson balled out last year. They signed Hyde and now spend a 1st round pick on a guy you view as a 3rd down back? It don't add up. Great work as always Matt!

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My favorite pick has to be my Bengals taking Jamar Chase. The way the first round fell last night, there is a trove of quality offensive lineman that will be there for the Bengals to pick in round 2. Couldn't have fallen better for us. Other than my homer pick I loved the 49er's doing the right thing and taking Trey Lance. He's going to be a problem for the NFCW in a few years. Best pick of the night is the Bears trading up to get the second best QB prospect in this draft. If A-Rod is successful in forcing his way out of GB then which NFCN team has a better QB? Bears are set up to take over that division sooner than later.

Worst picks in my mind had to be Alex Leatherwood to LV. He's a solid player but that was to high, especially with Teven Jenkins (fall to cincy please!) on the board. Eric Stokes was another weird pick. Why are the Packers so adverse to drafting receivers for Rodgers? At least trade back and you can still get Dyami Brown, Elijah Moore, or Terrance Marshall. I don't get it.

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Other favorites of mine were Darius Rucker at Trevor Lawrence's draft party, Kwity Paine retiring his mom, the "Bernie" chant to start the draft, and Mac Jones' powerwalk.

My other least favorite things were Kyle Pitts' suit, the total length and late starting time, the thirsty nfl guys leaking things today (Rogers and Tebow), and Kings of Leon (nothing against them but their music did not fit the situation.

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Leatherwood to the Raiders was the worst. Better Tackles available.

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Cowboys taking Parsons, especially if you’re grading McClay and S. Jones for executing on a strategy. It’s come a long way since packaging picks to move up in the top 10 for a CB (see Mo Claiborne) or trading away from a top-rated player (S. Floyd). All while taking a Day 2 pick from a division rival in what looks like absolute arbitrage?! All good things.

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Loved two lineman sliding in perfectly... Slater to LAC and Darrisaw to Minny

Not a fan of the Colts passing on Darrisaw, nor of the Steelers bypassing O-Line in favor of Harris. Talk about putting the cart before the horse.

The Packers going corner over Elijah Moore, Marshall, or Moore...head scratching..

And I want to hate on the Jags taking Etienne over Moehrig or Freiermuth, except they could very well walk away with all three by the middle of the second round

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I’ll tell you mine, but I want to know yours—which picks in Round 1 were your favorite or least favorite?

Favorite pick was Penei Sewell to the Detroit Lions. Finally the Lions focused on beefing up the upfront and in my mind got the 2nd best player in the draft doing so.

Second favorite pick was Trey Lance over McCorckle Jones. I was worried that San Francisco paid to much for a similar quarterback that they already had on their team. Bringing Lance on to the team gives them another dementation at the most important position.

Lastly the combo picks that the Jets and Ravens took. Jets found their babyface quarterback along with a stud interior offensive lineman. Whereas the Ravens took a position of priority for them in Bateman and then added a high end Defensive End Jayson Oweh to replace Judon production.

Least favorite? Alex Leatherwood big reach in my opinion, if that was your dude fine but move back. There was no reason to take Leatherwood that early. Other least favorite pick was Toney, I do believe the Giants needed to add more weapons but I think they pick the wrong guy to do so. With either Moore now sitting in the second round along with Marshall that pick looks even worse. Toney will be a weapon but not the weapon they needed.

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Darrisaw to Minnesota has to be my favorite. To get him at 23 when they could have at 14 is awesome for them.

Least favorite, I have to say Etienne to Jacksonville. I get teaming him up with Lawrence and his dynamic capabilities but it isn’t a need. 1-15 teams can’t afford to make luxury picks. I’d like to see them fill needs tonight in the back half of the defense and defensive line.

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Sorry, I'm the wet towel, I don't love the Fields pick. I would love to be wrong, but there is a pile of team needs stacking up, and a bunch getting worse that can't be addressed. Does it matter if you don't have the QB? Maybe not. Does having the QB matter if Pace can't put a team around him? Also maybe not. I know I'm on an island here, but I've seen nothing that would lead me to believe this GM and this organization can take a QB early and develop him. We shall see.

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Am a Lions Fan and liked the Sewell Pick! I loved how the draft changed and caught me totally by surprise from pick 6 thru pick 11!

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Chicago moving up for Fields was the type of aggressive move Nagy and Pace needed to make to try to save their jobs. Plus tremendous value after a laughable fall for a guy of his talent. NYG got a nice return of picks but if Fields is the franchise QB he projects to be then it won’t matter. And the Bears were able to only give up a first next years and a later round pick this year and next. Compared to what the 49ers gave up to get their guy (at least they took Lance and not Mac), big win for the Bears.

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As a WFT fan I’m ecstatic you like the Jamin Davis pick !! Lfg!

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Fields to Chicago was a home run.

Worst pick is leatherwood to Oakland

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Favorite... Tryon/TB, Farley/TEN, Pitts/ATL, Harris/PIT, Slater/LAC

Least Favorite... Leatherwood/LVR, Oweh and Bateman/BAL, Stokes/GB, Turner/NO

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Gregory Rousseau at 30 will go down as the biggest steal of this draft. Top 10 talent only fell due to offensive hype & limited sample size. Buffalo gets their #1 pass rusher for sure!

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Easily the Bears trading up for Justin Fields

The Bears making the move for Fields was a dream come true.

Kyle Pitts to ATL

Sewell to DET

Bateman to Balt

Slater to the Chargers

The Vikings able to trade back and still land Darrisaw was a steal

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Darrisaw to Minnesota late was great value in my opinion. Leatherwood I agree with being a reach, and I still can’t believe Miami and Cincy passed on Penei.

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