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When you say, "he didn't look like the Cam Newton we're accustomed to seeing," there is one glaring stat that sticks out to me: 12 Rush TDs. That's two more than in his MVP season and two shy of his record setting rookie season. I have been saying this often: We live in a world where franchise QBs want out and rookie QBs need to produce early and often or risk replacement. Well we also live in a league where teams like the Dolphins and Bears have had no problem going back and forth between QBs or where the Saints, with Drew Brees, will sub him out for Jameis Winston to throw the deep ball and Taysom Hill to work some goal line packages.

Therein, I believe lies the answer. If Mac Jones impresses in camp (which I'm sure he will), you play him. However, that no longer means Cam stops playing. I can see Bill having Cam start the games, and if it is going let it ride. But, if he struggles early on they bring in Matthew "Mac" Jones to try to throw them back into the game and keep Cam for short yardage or goal line situations where last season that QB power was nearly unstoppable. Then again, Mac could be a relief pitcher and if he does throw them back into a game, you let him close it out as well. It is a win-win-win where the best QB plays that day, Mac still get to develop, and Cam (who would not have taken a pay cut if it were about the spotlight) gets to compete at the highest level.

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