Rhamondre Stevenson NFL Draft Scouting Report

Name: Rhamondre Stevenson Position: Running Back College: Oklahoma Height: 5’11 ⅝” Weight: 230 lbs Overall Rank: No. 114 overall Position Rank: RB6 Strengths: Rhamondre Stevenson has shown impressive commitment and determination to have NFL opportunities despite his non-linear path, including taking a year off right after high school before landing as a backup at a California JUCO. Stevenson runs with every bit of power in his hips engaged and doesn’t shy from letting his pads talk on the field. In the box, Stevenson is dealing body blows. He’ll grind out tough yards play after play before he starts churning them out in chunks. Quite frankly, he wears defenders down and forces them to play a physical style all game. Contact balance is his trump card and he has an impressive knack for absorbing contact and adapting his path to match the shifting weight. Despite his style of play being more suited as a short-yardage back, there are the fundamental traits of a solid third-down receiving option. He has clean eyes that see catches to the tuck and can disassociate his hands from his feet to immediately begin getting vertical while securing the catch.

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