Pat Freiermuth 2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Name: Pat Freiermuth College: Penn State Height: 6’5” Weight: 251 lbs Overall Rank: No. 42 Position Rank: TE2 Strengths: A throwback tight end prospect with true inline ability, Freiermuth has the size and strength to line up next to the offensive tackle and hold his own against defensive ends and linebackers while being agile and athletic enough to be a strong pass-catcher. An agile, strong athlete with very good instincts for space, Freiermuth dominates the middle of the field as a safety valve and seam buster. He’s great bodying up defenders and boxing out for positioning. The Penn State offense asked Freiermuth to line up in a number of positions and he has the athleticism to do the same in the NFL. He has natural hands and is able to make the big play as a receiver. A good run blocker, Freiermuth has the body type and strength to become even better with more reps.

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