Personally, I'm excited for:

—Cowboys @ Bucs // Let's see how improved this Dallas defense is.

—Jets @ Panthers // Sam Darnold revenge game

—Seahawks @ Colts // Will the real Carson Wentz please stand up?

—Browns @ Chiefs // Sleeper AFC title game preview?

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Jets @ Panthers.

Sam Darnold revenge game

Zach Wilson’s first start

Jaycee Horn excitement in Carolina

How will Joe Brady use his old pal Terrace Marshall Jr

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May 12, 2021Liked by Corey Seeley

Week 1, full of great storylines:

-Dak returns from the awful injury

-Trevor Lawrence debuts, but will he be facing Deshaun?

-Sam Darnold faces his former team and new franchise QB Zach WIlson

-Offensive ROTY Justin Herbert vs Defensive ROTY Chase Young

-Joe Burrow returns from the ACL tear, with former teammate Ja'Marr Chase

-Who starts in SF: Garoppolo or Lance

-Carson Wentz era in Indy begins

-Browns Vs Chiefs..AFC championship preview?

-Tua Time Vs Mac Attack?

-Saints start new era sans Drew Brees..Jameis time?

-Where Does Rodgers play week one? With Denver? GB? Hosting MNF in Vegas? Or Standing behind a podium asking Jeopardy questions..


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May 12, 2021Liked by Corey Seeley

Dolphins Pats. Pats on the rebuild Dolphins on the rise and it’s a division game 😍

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I mean it's got to be Browns Chiefs right? Does any other game have two teams that could both make the Conference Championship?

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Dallas vs tb. Dallas defense. Also Pittsburgh Buffalo. Interesting to Pittsburgh new offense.

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Ravens @ Raiders as I'll be in Vegas for that game! Just Win Baby!!!

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That Lions game is interesting because we want to see how Goff does with his new team....and who starts for the Niners?....this game is overlooked

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The “how long until Jimmy G gets injured” watch begins Sept 12...

Steelers @ Bills and Cards @ Titans should both be good games

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Packers @ Saints:

Let's live in hypotheticals for a second. The QB matchup can either be Aaron Rodgers vs Jameis Winston (assuming ARod returns) or Jordan Love vs Taysom Hill. The latter actually seems intriguing.

Jaguars @ Texans:

Obviously I'm just trying to stir the pot but stick with me. The QB matchup can turn out to be Trevor Lawrence's debut vs Deshaun Watson (assuming his wrap clears and he decides to return) in a Clemson Champions face-off. Alternatively we might see another rookie QB in Davis Mills, where after this wild draft season it would be a huge story if he earned the starting spot in Houston over Tyrod Taylor (should Deshaun not return).

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Jets Panthers- but from a biased panthers fan. non biased the browns/chiefs. will clowney/garrett give mahomes the business like the bucs did?

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Most excited for Ravens @ Raiders, because that's my Ravens' easiest game of the year.

Bears @ Rams is hype. How much of the Rams' defense last year was Staley? I want to see how they measure up. Also, Dalton is on bench watch, and my money is on sooner rather than later.

Packers @ Saints. Last year this would've been a classic. A retired Brees and a pissed off Rodgers makes this a new era for both teams. What will their new identities be? Questions we haven't had to ask for 15 years.

Jets @ Panthers. Saleh vs Rhule. Darnold revenge.

Dolphins @ Patriots. Can this Dolphins defense carry turnover city into 2021 to stun Belichick?

Chargers @ WFT. How will Staley measure up as a head coach? Can Rivera continue to push his team to overachieve despite mediocre QB play?

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Steelers @ Bills has sleeper potential to be an awesome game.

Browns @ Chiefs might be first one to 50 wins...

Packers @ Saints with no idea what Payton's offense is going to look like against a Packers defense that has at times been suspect could be a game that doesn't go like we might expect at first blush

Bears @ Rams has layers - History with Stafford, first game with new team against an old foe, another new QB for CHI no matter who starts, the graphic makes itself (Stafford, first start with new team since XXXX, Bears have started 4,512 guys in that same time frame) a couple high-profile games between these teams in the last few years

I should be excited about Jets/Panthers but I can't make myself take "Darnold Revenge Game" seriously...

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I always watch my Bears, even though I suspect they're headed for a not great year...

Beyond that, Browns/Chiefs will be great and I'm intrigued by Chargers/WFT, strangely...

Oh, and I'd watch the first Packers game without Rodgers with absolute glee! <EvilGirlAtHousefire.jpg> 😂

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As a Steelers fan the easy answer is Steelers @ Bills. The real answer is Browns @ Chiefs. The Browns are building the right way and could be one of the top teams is the AFC based on potential.

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Browns / Chiefs rematch could be really good. Darnold hosting his old team. Tua better start hot against the pats on the road.

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