My top Julio fits, based on salary, needs and style of play:

Tennessee: Win-now team that needs another weapon in the passing game, can afford Julio, gets him out of the NFC, and they're not a team with enough future draft picks to send a conditional second-rounder that could become a first.

New England: Very similar to the Titans in terms of what they're building, future draft assets and cap space. And maybe Belichick sees this as another Randy Moss-type situation where his team adds a veteran with gas left in the tank to load up for a playoff run.

Kansas City: Yes, this is a dream fit, but KC did all it could in terms of cap restructuring before free agency and it would be a shock if the front office could manipulate the cap again to fit Julio under the books.

San Francisco: A need and a fit, but they have so little future draft capital after trading up for Trey Lance that this feels like a tough deal to broker.

Indianapolis: It makes a lot of sense, but they couldn't trade a 2022 early pick because both are currently tied up in the conditional trade for Carson Wentz.

Baltimore: The best and most likely fit, in my opinion, as the Ravens could team Julio up with rookie Rashod Bateman and Marquise Brown to give Lamar Jackson a loaded room full of weapons.

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I'm probably one of the few Raider fans that doesn't think QB is an issue there. Sure, Rodgers is an upgrade but Carr puts up good numbers each year, but just doesn't have a defense to help him. Plus you are talking a haul of draft picks (even though Raiders seem to not do well with 1st rounders).

Now Julio, now that's a different conversation. Carr had probably his best (MVP level) season with Micheal Crabtree, Amari Cooper and Seth Roberts as his targets. Add Julio Jones to the mix with Henry Ruggs, Hunter Renfrow, John Brown, Bryan Edwards..oh and Darren Waller! That is the best receiving core he's had. That isn't including the backfield options too. Granted, if the OLine has drastically changed too.

Now as far as compensation, you could just straight up say 2022 1st round pick for Julio and you may get him for that and won't have to worry about drafting the wrong guy, because Raiders Raider their draft picks. But considering the news is out that he is probably not coming back, would something like a 2022 2nd, 5th, 2023 day 3 pick and a player (say Carl Nassib to offset some salary) get it done? Who knows, but its fun to think about.

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Nice conversation piece, Matt.

The tricky thing with Rodgers is that they don't necessarily need a QB if they decide to roll with Jordan Love.

I think Washington is a great fit. Can give defensive starters and draft picks.

I also think that Denver and Miami would also work.

Julio fits anywhere really, but Julio to GB might be a draw for Rodgers to stay put.

Julio to Baltimore, New England or Indianapolis also makes sense to me.

Maybe even Buffalo if the price isn't too high.

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Aaron Rodgers sounds like he wants more involvement in decisions. Where would he get that? Denver, maybe, they also have a young core that Rodgers could elevate. Raiders? I don't understand the reason he would want to go there. Team talent is definitely not on Green Bay's level. I think the most likely result is retirement for at a minimum one year.

Julio Jones just wants to win. Who can afford his contract. LA Rams are a sneaky pick. They have never had a problem trading high picks for veterans. San Francisco has been floated because of Shanahan, but I don't see them giving up even more draft capital after the Trey Lance move. Says he likes the Patriots but are they really Julio away from a Super Bowl. I doubt it. There is some wide receiver needy teams but they are rebuilding. Colts aren't a bad landing spot if you truly want to make Wentz successful.

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What is the best fit for Julio and what is the realistic capital that needs to be given up to obtain him? I'd assume the Falcons would want to trade him to someone in the AFC?

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It looks like I’m late to the party on this one but :

Tim Patrick/KJ Hamler

Albert O

Dre Jones

Alexander Johnson

3 1sts

You throw in a Lock/Teddy so that GB doesn’t have to start Lobe this yr if they don’t want to. Chubb would be needing a big payday on the upcoming season so I don’t think GB wants to take that on.

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I would say if Washington could give up 2022,2023,2024 1st 2022 3rd and Brandon Sherrif that would be a great offer for A Rod and a 2022 3rd

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Here’s the most likely scenario: Julio stays put. Falcons keeping the price tag high and not settling but still appeasing him by listening to offers and that’s all they can do. Julio is still going to show up to camp and he will NOT sit out and make this about himself. Jet still puts the team first guaranteed. So then we make it to the start of the season and (hopefully) Falcons start out hot and turns out, Julio decides to stay on at least another year. Plus, if he stays healthy and performs well, teams will pay that price tag next off-season.

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Denver makes the MOST sense for Rodgers, even though it's still a long shot. However, if the talks dont START with: 2 firsts, 2 seconds, and 2 young players, the Packers are hanging up straight away. Is that a lot? Of course. The reigning league MVP has never been traded. Its unprecedented. "No way Denver gives all that up!" Ok well, then no way Denver is getting Aaron Rodgers.

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I think Rodgers sits out a year. You people have no idea what sort of cat he is. GB fans will be pissed they didn’t even get a ham sammich for him.

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For Rodgers:

1- Washington Football Team - high-level defense, good offensive weapons, o-line a little suspect but could be good, respected veteran coach

2- Miami - play-off caliber roster, fast skill players, decent offensive line, good front office/coaching staff

3- Denver - good defense, good young skill players, decent offensive line, biggest question is head coach (I like Fangio but is he the long-term guy?)

Anything to get him out of the NFC North (go Bears!)

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Matt, what a time we are in where 3 Franchise QBs in Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, and Deshaun Watson all want out, while younger QBs are needing to be great immediately or risk being moved on from!

With that said, I believe only one of these QBs moves this year allowing the market to shift and for the 2022 QB class to be evaluated before any other significant moves are made. There has been 3 teams that are mostly noncommittal to a starter/future and that's the Texans, Broncos, and Eagles. The market simply is not great right now after the Draft. While any of the 3 would be an upgrade to 90% of the league it just is not realistic i.e. the Browns trading for Russ. To me:

Aaron Rodgers would need to "retire" like Favre in order to leave Green Bay. Hopefully Love plays well and they will be comfortable working out a release next year in which case (out of the 3 teams above) the Broncos do currently seem like the best landing spot.

Russell Wilson plays out his contract (-2023) before leaving. They have no legitimate backup and Russ really seems like he just wanted to make a statement.

Deshaun Watson sits out like Le'Veon Bell did but will not be a Texan again. Pending the investigation clears, we know that there is a market out there for him. A team like the Dolphins already made a legitimate pushes for him with Tua on the roster and ave future draft capital to pull it off still.

As for Julio I agree with most that the best fit would be the Colts. Personal bias likes him to the Raiders. I think a trade for him would be easier and cheaper than it seems because the Falcons would really benefit moving on from that contract and building up draft capital.

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I think the best fits for Aaron and Julio are Denver and New England, respectively. Denver doesn’t have to blow it all up to get him. They can offer Courtland Sutton and/or Bradley Chubb and still keep in tact a very good roster. For New England, they feel like a receiver away from being dangerous on offense. Hunter Henry and Jonnu Smith are really good, but they’re still in need of a #1 WR. With Julio, New England becomes a dangerous team in the AFC.

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Rodgers to Miami for mostly picks, the Fins can keep Rodgers and Tua to start, then trade one or the other later; Jones to Indianapolis seems to make the most sense for everyone involved and be the best fit for Jones.

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Both in Green Bay. If you really want to find a way to make amends with Rodgers, get him Julio, restructure Rodgers, Julio Jones, and extend Davante Adams. Commit to the 3 of them for the next 2-3 years and hope for the best.

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Julio to Seattle. Scary idea of him being paired with that group, and it makes sense that Seattle would acquire him to "keep Russ happy".

Rodgers to HOU seems the most likely to me. But, ideal would seem to be DEN or NO. NO would be amazing.

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What kind of offer, realistically, would it take to get the Falcons to deal Julio to the Patriots? Draft picks and a player, or just a pick(s)?

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What is the trade package for Rodgers?

And no, we won’t take Lock, Teddy, Carr, etc

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Matt, I am interested in your take about Julio to the Chargers. You did not mention them in your list, but I think it is a really compelling place. Young team on the rise, have more than enough cap space and picks to work it, and moves Julio to the AFC. I think it might create a spoil of riches in the WR room with KA and MW, but give Herbert all the weapons because I am here for ALL of that. On a final note, if Rodgers goes to the Ponies, and Julio to the Bolts, the AFC West match-ups are going to be must watch TV.

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What if the Pack works out a deal for Julio - maybe Love and a 3 next year - but it requires Rodgers to redo his deal. If 12 agrees they are loaded for another run and all is forgiven, but if he refuses then trade him to Denver of Vegas (or any AFC team) next week. Worst case for the Pack is they go into August without knowing how this saga - which is entirely their own fault - ends.

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Washington. For both.

East is bad, Rivera is respected, they’ve got cap room and a ridiculous defense. And Julio would be like a god to the other Bama dudes on the roster.

(Washington fan here 👋)

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You can make the case for Julio to go to any team with a QB on a team friendly deal to give them a chance to win now. I came between the Chargers and Jaguars. I know he said he wants to win now and LA would probably be the best option for that and the team friendly QB deal, him and Allen would be electric. I think Jacksonville would be a great spot given they have Lawrence cheap for 4 years, get him a veteran WR to help with his development to go with Chark. It may not fit the “I want to win” mold this year but if Lawrence turns out to be as good as everyone thinks give it a year or two

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