Larry Rountree NFL Draft Scouting Report

Name: Larry Rountree III Position: Running Back College: Missouri Height: 5’ 10 ¾ “ Weight: 216 lbs Overall Rank: No. 180 overall Position Rank: RB11 Strengths: Rountree has been a steady contributor in the Tigers’ offense since joining the program and has been the lead back since his sophomore season. In the highly competitive SEC, it’s hard not to notice when a back averages 5 yards per carry throughout their career, especially for the oft-forgotten Missouri program. Rountree has some stick-and-go to his game that gets downhill in a hurry and, when blocked clean, he’s at the second level and running behind his pads in no time. Rountree has solid contact balance and can handle in-the-box runs with consistency. He’s a chip stacker that doesn’t win it all at once but slowly bleeds his opponent dry.

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