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To answer the prompt question: Yes, Belichick wanted Jones even if he wanted another QB more. Of course he wanted at least Trevor Lawrence more! That's not meant to be sarcastic. I do not believe winning organization/teams "settle". Take for example last year's draft with the Los Angeles Chargers taking Justin Herbert. GM Tom Telesco outright said he was comfortable with all 3 of those QBs and would be happy with any of them.

The bigger discussion with the Patriots is in their Round 1 picks of the last few years: OT Isaiah Wynn and RB Sony Michel in 2018 and WR N'Keal Harry in 2019. With Jones this year, one might think the Pats have their offensive cornerstones. While Wynn just got his fifth year option picked up there's a chance that if healthy Trent Brown might reclaim that spot going forward. Even when healthy, Michel has seen his reps diminished. Lastly, Harry is not even a starter anymore. Hopefully Bill can make it work with Jones!

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This seems like a clickbait article you’d read at PFT

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My Biggest Question Post 2021 Draft is: Did the Dolphins do Enough for Tua?

The big chatter in this draft was about supporting your franchise QB whether that be rookies like Lawrence, Wilson and Fields, or vets like Burrow, Darnold and yes, Aaron Rodgers. Staying in the AFC East, the Fins were 10 game winners who MISSED the playoffs and still had multiple Round 1 picks to really set them up to support their QB and make a push for playoffs. While they are better today did they really do enough for Tua?:

Notable Offensive Free Agent Adds: WR Will Fuller / RB Malcom Brown

Notable Offensive Draft Picks: WR Jaylen Waddle, Alabama / OT Liam Eichenberg, Notre Dame

There is speculation that they wanted a top RB in the 2nd and yet they didn't draft one until their last pick in RB Gerrid Goaks, Cincinnati in the 7th. Eichenberg can potentially start Day 1, but they did trade away G Ereck Flowers who was a starter last year. Lastly, the rumor mill of moving on from Tua next year still loom as they've accumulated enough draft capital for a potentially big trade next year for Deshaun Watson, Russell Wilson, and yes, Aaron Rodgers as well.

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Let Matt do the analysis because you’re just reaching and making shit up about the pats based off 2 sentences Belichick said in a press conference

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Oh no! A Patriots' fan!?!?

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