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Loved the mock. Would also like to see a "What would Matt Miller do" mock draft instead of what you are hearing!

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I don't see the Bengals passing on OT because they picked up a 32 year old vet. Burrow needs long term help and if their plan is to patch work the line while they have him, it's going to be disastrous. If I were a 49ers fan, Mac Jones at 3 would make me irate. As a Chiefs fan I really like Jenkins at 31. Most other mocks I am seeing him gone before they pick. LT of the future feels like it has to be the pick there and there are seemingly a lot of legit options.

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As a Giants fan, I see Waddle and what he can become is extremely appealing, cause I see Tyreek Hill. But passing on Slater and Sewell, along with Phillips and Paye, man that's rough. With all that said, this board fell for us magnificently.

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Do we have to take shots at the Packers everytime? Some (most) people don't like how they do it but they've been relatively successful for 30 years

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Hey Matt...thoughts? I just made one trade with my squad DET!

1 JAX QB T. Lawrence

2 NYJ QB Z. Wilson

3 SF QB M. Jones

4 ATL QB J. Fields

5 CIN WR J. Chase

6 MIA TE K. Pitts

7 NE QB T. Lance TRADE

8 CAR OT P. Sewell

9 DEN OT R. Slater

10 DAL CB P. Surtain II

11 NYG LB M. Parsons

12 PHI WR J. Waddle

13 LAC ER J. Phillips

14 MIN IOL A. Vera-Tucker

15 DET LB J. Davis TRADE

16 ARZ CB J. Horn

17 LV OT C. Darrisaw

18 MIA WR D. Smith


20 CHI OT T. Jenkins

21 IND CB C. Farley

22 TEN WR K. Toney

23 NYJ ER K. Paye

24 PIT RB N. Harris

25 JAX OT S. Cosmi

26 CLE ER A. Ojulari

27 BAL WR R. Bateman

28 NO CB G. Newsome II

29 GB WR T. Marshall Jr.

30 BUF WR E. Moore

31 KC IOL L. Dickerson

32 TB ER J. Oweh

33 JAX TE P. Freiremuth

34 NYJ RB T. Etienne

35 ATL LB Z. Collins

36 MIA RB J. Williams

37 PHI S T. Moehrig

38 CIN OL J. Mayfield

39 CAR OL D. Radunz

40 DEN LB N. Bolton

41 DET WR A. St. Brown

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I get the Moehrig pick, but if were going to draft a Safety in the first, I'd rather have JOK, if you really feel he can play LB/S Jamaal Adams role.

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I personally think the Falcons, if they stick and pick at 4, are more likely to take Sewell than a WR, TE, or QB.

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I'm not an AZ fan, but it just seems unlikely the Cardinals would select a LB 2 years in a row.

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I get it, DET doesn’t have WRs. How could we possible pass on Sewell though? I can’t help but dream about what Swift could do behind a Decker, Jackson, Ragnow, Vaitai, Sewell OL with Hock on the end!

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I’ve read that the Bears may actually not target offensive line in the first round because they re-signed Ifedi and a lineman may not help them win now as much as other positions. Have you heard anything about this? I think it makes most sense to go with an offensive lineman if the board falls right, but I’m wondering if they will force a WR or go CB or Edge.

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Nothing leaks out of the 49er camp and I bet team excutives just trying to push narrative of Jones because they are scared of Fields being with Shanahan. Shanahan also mentioned in press conference on monday that his evaluation of QB's has changed and is not like the kirk type guy he wanted before. Also to mention they have not drafted an Alabama player since Saban screwed them with Reuben Foster.

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Exchange Moore who doesn't match the Packers thresholds with Bateman and I'm fine.

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The draft scout needs fantasy football. Every look at Devy leagues?

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Looking forward to the rest of this , just a gut feeling but Vikings usually trade down unless someone major were to drop . Have you put that into consideration? Thanks !

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