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“I admire self-made people in all walks of life, and Matt’s ascent to the heights of our business is so well-deserved. I learn from everything he reports.” — Peter King

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At Bleacher Report, we built a community of readers and listeners who loved the NFL and NFL draft; that’s what we’ll do here, too. Subscribers will get access to in-depth reporting, stories, rumors, news, scouting reports and mock drafts but they’ll also be part of the process and get access to:

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About Matt Miller

Born and raised in the Joplin, Missouri area, Matt Miller spent the last 10 years building the NFL and NFL draft coverage at Bleacher Report into what it is today. A father of two and avid fan of bourbon, barbecue, and Kansas City Royals baseball, Matt writes from his office in downtown Joplin where he also hosts a daily radio program Mic’d Up and runs his foundation, The 417 Foundation benefitting low-income families in need.

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