Tyson Campbell 2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Name: Tyson Campbell
Position: Cornerback
College: Georgia
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 193 lbs (pro day)

Overall Rank: No. 34 overall
Position Rank: CB5

Strengths: A former five-star recruit, Campbell has all the traits and tools you could want in a first-round cornerback prospect. He’s long, fast, twitchy and tough. Campbell is an easy-mover in space and shows natural short-area quickness and body control. He has the swagger of a CB1 in man coverage and went head-to-head with some of the best receivers in college the last two years. In man coverage, Campbell has all the speed and length needed to run in phase and maintain a presence down the field.

Weaknesses: Campbell loves to play off the receiver and try to bait quarterbacks into mistakes, but that’s a big risk in the NFL. Right now he’s more athlete than technician and at times takes long steps or multiple steps when fewer would do the trick in transitions. He’s not interested in run support, or wasn’t in college, and might need pushed to compete there.

What I Love: A natural competitor, Campbell has legitimate starter traits and a ton of potential. He’s a ball of clay waiting to be molded into something special.

NFL Comparison: Greedy Williams

Grade: 84/100

Position Specific Traits:

(key: +, ++, +++ positive scale | -, - -, - - - negative scale)

Athletic Ability: ++

Man Coverage: ++

Run Support: -

Speed: +++

Strength: +

Zone Coverage: +