Trevon Moehrig 2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Name: Trevon Moehrig
Position: Safety
College: TCU
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 202 lbs (pro day)

Overall Rank: No. 13 overall
Position Rank: S1

Strengths: A tough, confident, athletic safety with the versatility to match-up against offenses in a variety of ways. Moehrig has the height, length, strength and speed to be effective in multiple roles and coverages. He’s a thumper when coming downhill to tackle and doesn’t shy away from contact. He has experience in the slot and working in single-high coverage, making him a fit for virtually every defense. Moehrig is balanced, smart and aggressive. Coaches pointed to his love of the game as a special teams performer before breaking out as a safety in 2019. He’s a leader with good instincts and is a student of the game. His athleticism offers him a good amount of potential as he settles into a consistent role in an NFL defense.

Weaknesses: Run angles from Moehrig can be erratic. He doesn’t always take the shortest path to the ball and must become more reliable there. His 2020 tape wasn’t as good as he disappeared early in the season before rebounding well. Moehrig was either allowed to freelance or did it without approval in ‘20 but it showed on his tape.

What I Love: For all the high-level athleticism you see from Moehrig, what I really love is his football IQ. He’s rarely out of position and has a great feel for timing in coverage.

NFL Comparison: Antoine Winfield, Jr.

Grade: 92/100

Position Specific Traits:

(key: +, ++, +++ positive scale | -, - -, - - - negative scale)

Athletic Ability: ++

Man Coverage: ++

Run Support: ++

Speed: ++

Strength: ++

Tackling: ++

Zone Coverage: ++