Top 10 Reasons to Keep Your Subscription to The Draft Scout

Days 1 and 2 of the draft have come and gone. Many of you might be considering pausing your subscription until “draft season” heats back up. But at The Draft Scout, draft season never goes away. It doesn’t pause. We’re always heated up.

Here are the top 10 reasons to keep your subscription running all year long.

10. In-Depth Post-Draft Breakdowns

We’re going deep on this draft class looking at the best picks, the best scheme fits, and which rosters have the talent to make a playoff run. Who closed the gap in their division? Which teams pulled ahead of the competition? We’re going team-by-team this spring looking at post-free agency and post-draft depth charts to analyze which teams will win in 2021.

9. What’s Your Fantasy?

Oh yeah, we’re talking fantasy football with analysis on the rookies who are in the best situations to produce right away and the dynasty players to know for 2021, 2022 and beyond. Fantasy experts are valuable, but we’ve lived with this draft class for a year and no one knows it better. Let us help you navigate the 2021 fantasy draft season.

8. Mock Drafts

We’ll roll out an early 2022 mock draft, but we’re also taking the spring and summer to look back and grade previous drafts, re-draft former classes, and grade the front offices. There’s even plans to do an expansion draft with members serving as general managers. This offseason will be mock draft season.

7. Original Content

Want grades for every NFL front office? How about future coach and general manager rankings? We’ll do that and more as our team grows to include Corey Seeley and others.

6. Want to be a Scout?

Our scouting clinics kick off this spring, featuring Buffalo Bills’ scout A.J. Highsmith and Matt Miller. If you’ve ever wanted to work for an NFL team or sat on the stage analyzing the NFL draft, the guys will help you learn the tools needed to evaluate the future of the NFL.

5. Events!

As vaccines become more common, we’re itching to get back on the road for brewery takeovers, tailgates, and live hangouts. We’ll also keep the virtual events going for those spread across the globe.

4. The 2022 Draft is only 364 Days Away

We’ll start with early watch lists, early scouting reports and early mock drafts based on team needs following the 2021 offseason. Want to get a head start on the 14 quarterbacks we have ranked for next year? We’ll ramp up covering the 2022 draft in May.

3. Site Upgrades

We heard you and we agree—this site was too clunky and confusing as the 2021 NFL draft unfolded. But with experience and wisdom under our belts and some tough lessons learned this draft season, we’ll spend the spring re-tooling The Draft Scout for a better overall user experience.

2. Collaborations!

Building the community of readers was step one. Now it’s time to leverage our relationships with brands, other media members, and NFL teams to bring you the best possible experiences. Get ready for Boulevard Brewing Co. swag bags, takeovers at barbecue joints across the country, and awesome tailgates on the best campuses all free of charge to our members.

1. Continued Support = Site Growth

Your $7/month contribution is appreciated and allows us to grow the site—both in terms of a better user experience, more user access and perks, and more content on the site. We’ve already expanded our writer team and have plans to add more featured content creators in the near future. And you are all responsible for 100 percent of our growth.

Feedback? We want it! Leave comments in the replies, shoot us an email (, or let us know in person soon at an exclusive Draft Scout event.