The Draft Scout Mock 1.0

Matt Miller's Debut 2021 Mock Draft

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Welcome to The Draft Scout.

Today, February 11th, is our launch day. One that’s been a minute in the works. And there is no better way to launch a new NFL draft website than with a full, seven-round mock draft complete with team needs for each club.

So that’s where we begin the 2021 draft process.

The season has been played—well, kind of. A season was played and saw the rise of Zach Wilson and Devonta Smith. For others, especially many of our top prospects, the season resulted in shortened-schedules and opt-outs.

More time will be in spent in the next three months discussing if opting-out hurt players (my gut reaction is that it didn’t) and how a shortened season might have changed things, but we’re not there yet. Where we are is at the beginning of a long process.

The week after the Super Bowl is when we sell hopes and dreams to NFL fan bases. Every team is one great draft pick away from contention, at least in the minds of fans, which is why the seven round NFL lottery is so popular. Watching college players transition to the pros is fascinating, but so too is the team-building and player-evaluating process. And I assume that’s why you’re reading this article today—to see the marriage of talent, production, potential and the needs of NFL teams.

But first, a few rules:

* No trades.
* No compensatory picks until they’re all announced by the NFL.
* Team needs are pre-free agency, which means some top tier needs will be met by re-signing current players.
* This mock is based on what I’m hearing, not what I would do.

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Now, let’s get into it.

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Round 1

1. Jacksonville Jaguars —
Team Needs:
Tier 1 QB, OT, WR | Tier 2 TE, CB, S | Tier 3 RB, IDL, IOL

The Pick: QB TREVOR LAWRENCE, CLEMSON (Scouting Report)
Analysis:This is no surprise, and doesn’t require much of an explanation. Lawrence is the best quarterback prospect to enter the NFL draft in the last decade and the Jaguars have a need at quarterback. Even a torn left labrum that’ll get cleaned up in a few days doesn’t affect his stock. Next.

2. New York Jets — 
Team Needs:
Tier 1 QB, WR, CB, EDGE | Tier 2 LB, RB, TE | Tier 3 IOL, S, CB

Analysis: The New York Jets have options, and predicting where they will go 10 weeks before the NFL draft is a guess given the team likely doesn’t even know what they’re doing yet.

Here are the options:

1. Trade Sam Darnold, draft a quarterback.
2. Keep Sam Darnold, trade the No. 2 pick.

To decide which path to take, the Jets must evaluate Darnold vs. this quarterback class. Do they like Justin Fields or Zach Wilson more than a 23-year-old former No. 3 overall pick?

But they also must evaluate the current quarterback class vs. Darnold AND what they could recoup in a trade of this selection. It’s not as simple as Darnold vs. the rookies. It’s Darnold vs. the rookies and a slew of draft picks.

But in a mock without trades, the Jets select quarterback Zach Wilson of BYU. And this is hardly a consolation prize. Wilson dominated the 2020 schedule and showed a calculated recklessness with his big arm, deep throws and ability to move in and out of the pocket while making plays off-platform.

Justin Fields will push Wilson. Trey Lance (NDSU) might too once team interviews are all said and done, but as of February 11 Wilson is ranked at QB2 by most teams I’ve spoken to.

3. Miami Dolphins (from Houston) —
Team Needs:
Tier 1 WR, RB, LB, EDGE | Tier 2 IOL, WR, IDL | Tier 3 S, LB, TE, OT

Analysis: What the Miami Dolphins do this off-season largely hinges on if the Houston Texans will actually trade quarterback Deshaun Watson. If they will, Miami’s two first-rounders, two second-rounders and second-year player Tua Tagovailoa are a very attractive trade package. But as of this writing, Houston isn’t actually taking calls on Watson, so the Dolphins must be prepared to actually use this pick.

That won’t be a problem.

If Tua returns for his sophomore season as the Dolphins’ starting quarterback, he needs more weapons around him. That could come in the form of an offensive lineman like Penei Sewell (Oregon) or Rashawn Slater (Northwestern), but this is already a very young offensive line group with a left tackle (Austin Jackson) drafted in the first round last year. And while it would be possible to draft one of the elite tackles and move Jackson, the more likely move is to ensure the quarterback has a supporting cast that will allow the Dolphins to truly evaluate him.

A lot of people will want to reunite Tua with college teammate and Heisman Trophy winner Devonta Smith at wide receiver, but the more teams dig into the 2020 tape in their scouting groups, the more I hear that Ja’Marr Chase will be close to a consensus WR1 in this class.

Chase, who opted out of the 2020 college season, dominated in his sophomore year with Joe Burrow at quarterback to the tune of 20 touchdowns and the Biletnikoff Award (handed out to the best wide receiver in college). He’s a physical route-runner at 6’0” and 208 pounds—giving him a comparison in my notes to a faster Michael Thomas.

Tua doesn’t have a rocket launcher for an arm. It’s a lot of touch and timing. A physical route-runner who can box out defenders will open up his passing game and in turn the Dolphins’ offense.

4. Atlanta Falcons —
Team Needs:
Tier 1 EDGE, LB, QB | Tier 2 RB, CB, S, WR | Tier 3 TE, IDL, OT

The Pick: TE KYLE PITTS, Florida
Analysis: The first surprise pick of the 2021 draft happens with Terry Fontenot and Arthur Smith on the board to start the new Atlanta Falcons regime.

But maybe this shouldn’t be that much of a surprise?

Matt Ryan is 35 years old and still playing at a very high level. The Falcons’ former front office invested three first-rounders on the offensive line (Jake Matthews, Chris Lindstrom and Kaleb McGary) while adding another in the third round with future starter Matt Hennessy at center.

Offensive tackle, while the best player on the board with Penei Sewell, is not a need. And as much as the Falcons need an edge-rusher, there isn’t one here worth drafting.

Instead, the Falcons can add an offensive weapon that showed shades of Mike Evans and Darren Waller during his dominant, Mackey Award-winning season at Florida.

Kyle Pitts is 6’6” and will run in the high 4.4s at 240 pounds. He’s a mismatch offensive weapon wherever you put him on the field. For the Falcons, that means playing in-line and in the slot. It means freeing up Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley to make plays. It means holding safeties and paralyzing linebackers.

Many will overthink positional football with Pitts, when instead we have to think of him as a chess piece the offense can use in various alignments. And watching what Smith’s offense did for Jonnu Smith in Tennessee, Falcons fans should be overjoyed by the prospect of adding college football’s most dangerous tight end to the fold.

5. Cincinnati Bengals —
Team Needs:
Tier 1 OT, CB, EDGE | Tier 2 WR, TE, IOL, LB | Tier 3 S, CB

The Pick: OT PENEI SEWELL, Oregon
Analysis: Throw a party, Cincinnati. “Free Skyline Chili for everyone!” Penei Sewell is still on the board, Joe Burrow’s backside gets protected, and the Bengals can shuffle their starting five up-front to build an offensive line that can support the offense head coach Zac Taylor wants to run.

Sewell, who opted out of the 2020 season, has been billed as a “generational prospect”. That phrase misses the mark, as Sewell is on par with former OT1s and would rank comparably to last year’s top tackles like Jedrick Wills, Tristan Wirfs and Andrew Thomas.

That’s not to take anything away from Sewell, who is really good, but we have to put his ability in context. And we have to understand that while he’s incredibly talented, he is not a “can’t-miss” prospect nor is he the second-coming of Joe Thomas. And Northwestern’s Rashawn Slater is rated higher on some boards.

But Sewell, for Cincinnati, is perfect. He’s a nimble mover in pass protection and can attack down the field in the run game. His agility at 330 pounds isn’t fair or common—which is why so many evaluators who love him heap on the praise.

For the Bengals, this is a no-brainer. The pick heading into April 29 should be one of the top tackles. If Sewell is gone, Slater is the pick. If both are available, simply pick the one the staff believes is best suited to start Day 1 protecting the left side.

What happens to Jonah Williams, a first-rounder from the 2019 class? Given that many scouts thought his best pro position was guard or center, a move inside could see him reach his ceiling and bolster the entire offense in Cincinnati.

6. Philadelphia Eagles —
Team Needs:
Tier 1 WR, LB, CB, S | Tier 2 TE, IOL, LB, CB | Tier 3 RB, EDGE

Analysis: The Philadelphia Eagles are a team with an off-season hanging in the balance as of February 11.

Carson Wentz could be traded, bringing in a haul of draft capital. Or, Wentz could return and battle Jalen Hurts for the starting job. Best case scenario—Wentz is in Chicago or Indianapolis soon after this posts and the Eagles have more ammo to use on draft weekend.

Either way, the front office must address the wide receiver position after recent selections that haven’t quite hit the mark in J.J. Arcega-Whiteside (2019) and Jalen Reagor (2020). No matter who is slinging the rock, the people tasked with catching it have to improve.

Devonta Smith went on a tear in 2020, becoming the first wide receiver to win the Heisman Trophy since Desmond Howard in 1991. His 1,800 yards and 23 touchdowns were video game numbers, especially once running mate Jaylen Waddle was lost to injury and the entire football world knew where the football was going on each passing down.

Smith, who scored 37 touchdowns over the last two seasons at Alabama, is a silky-smooth route-runner with amazing hands. He’s also a high-cut strider who chews up yardage without looking all that fast on tape.

At a listed 6’1” and 175 pounds, Smith must answer questions about his ability to find separation in the NFL without elite speed and with below-average bulk, but his two year reign of terror on SEC defenses should answer questions about how well he will translate to the pros.

And for either Hurts or Wentz, Smith is the reliable target they so badly need.

7. Detroit Lions —
Team Needs:
Tier 1 WR, LB | Tier 2 CB, IDL, OT, WR | Tier 3 S, EDGE

Analysis: The Detroit Lions shook the football world when they traded quarterback Matthew Stafford to the Los Angeles Rams for two first-rounders and Jared Goff.

Now, a new regime led by head coach Dan Campbell and general manager Brad Holmes have a 26-year-old, former No. 1 overall pick to evaluate (and hopefully develop) at quarterback with the promise of two extra first-rounders (one in 2022, another in 2023) to build the roster with.

By adding Goff—a player Holmes knows well from his time with the Rams—the Lions have moved the need at quarterback down the road for at least one year. And in doing so they’re in a position to bolster the rest of the roster at pick No. 7 overall.

They’re also in a great position to trade down if a quarterback-needy team wants to jump the Carolina Panthers.

In a mock without trades, what should Detroit do?

Add a big play wide receiver to either replace or supplement free agent Kenny Golladay, who could be leaving town this off-season.

Waddle is an electric speedster who missed part of the 2020 college season with an ankle injury, but returned for brief flashes in the National Title game. His yards after catch ability are the perfect complement to a quarterback like Goff with limited downfield arm strength, and his explosive ability as a runner and receiver will give a bland offense a much-needed infusion of excitement.

8. Carolina Panthers —
Team Needs:
Tier 1 QB, OT, CB | Tier 2 LB, TE, IDL | Tier 3 IOL, EDGE, RB

Analysis: The trade of Matthew Stafford to the Los Angeles Rams that netted the Detroit Lions Jared Goff changed up the quarterback market not just for veterans, but also for incoming rookies.

Because of needs at the position and due to a mock draft with no trades, Justin Fields is available at No. 8 overall and the Carolina Panthers—a team that was aggressive in trying to add Stafford—land a passer who in most years would rank as QB1.

Fields reminds me of Justin Herbert last year. He’s a big-armed thrower, excellent athlete and has loads of upside. But like Herbert, we’ve been hearing about Fields for three seasons now. There is a level of prospect fatigue that sets in for both teams and the media. More time to pick apart a player isn’t always a good thing, and for some it’s pushing Fields down the board.

And let’s get this clear—he is not Dwayne Haskins. Fields is a mature leader with a high football IQ. He also has a much stronger arm and is a much better athlete. “Scout the player, not the helmet” is a go-to saying of mine and it holds true with Fields.

Now, give offensive coordinator Joe Brady a talent like Fields and the two could be magical. And to further the Herbert narrative, Fields has abilities that weren’t always put on display at Ohio State. Determining what he can do and not simply what was asked of him will be key for evaluators over the next two months, but my line of caution on Fields would be for those watching the tape to not overthink it.

9. Denver Broncos —
Team Needs:
Tier 1 QB, EDGE, CB | Tier 2 LB, IDL, RT, IOL | Tier 3 LB, S, CB

Analysis: The Denver Broncos’ off-season plan revolves around a decision that must be made at quarterback.

Drew Lock, who struggled to develop in his first full year as a starter, must regain the confidence of the front office. He also has to fight off the potential that the Broncos become involved in a quarterback trade market that resembles an NBA off-season.

At No. 9 overall, the Broncos must decide between a quarterback prospect like Trey Lance who needs developed or continuing to build the overall roster in hopes that a full off-season as the starter and the return of Courtland Sutton will rejuvenate Lock.

As of now, most rumors coming out of Denver are that if they can’t land Deshaun Watson in a trade, Lock will return (with competition in the form of a veteran) as the starter.

Virginia Tech’s Caleb Farley opted out for the 2020 season, but he ranked as my top cornerback before the season began. If he did nothing to change his stock this year by not playing, why move him down? Especially when his competition at cornerback didn’t excel in a way that would cause them to jump him.

Farley is big (6’2”, 207 lbs), fast and a ball-hawk. He pulled down four interceptions and defended 16 passes in 2019 while showing shutdown man coverage skills.

The Broncos have needs at edge-rusher and must at least evaluate the quarterbacks in this class, but if Farley is on the board and Lock is returning as the starter, this is an easy decision based on value and needs.

10. Dallas Cowboys — 
Team Needs:
Tier 1 OT, CB, IDL, EDGE | Tier 2 IOL, S, TE | Tier 3 LB, IDL

Analysis: Despite what might not seem like a huge need on paper, offensive tackle is a position the Dallas Cowboys must consider early in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Tyron Smith is only 30 years old, but he’s played 10 seasons in the NFL and hasn’t played a full 16 game schedule since 2015. His 2020 year, cut down to just two games due to a neck injury that had plagued him in previous years. There is hope that surgery on this injury will finally get Smith back to his pre-injury shape, but there must also be concern that at 30 years old he’s not bouncing back.

On the other side of the line, La’el Collins opened the year on injured reserve before having hip surgery in early October that left him out for the year. Collins, like Smith, could return healthy following surgery but there have been whispers that his injury was worse than feared and that a return in 2021 could be complicated.

Outside of the question marks at tackle in Dallas, there is the best player available consideration. The Cowboys could reach for a defensive tackle or cornerback, but the best teams are built through blue chip draft picks. And Northwestern left tackle Rashawn Slater is one.

Slater, who some will undoubtedly knock due to perceived size concerns, is listed at 6’4” and 315 pounds. He doesn’t have the long arms and gigantic hands that made Smith famous coming out of USC. But he shows advanced technique, is agile enough to protect the edge and is battle-tested at left tackle coming out of the Big Ten.

Slater is a plug-and-play tackle many teams have as the best overall offensive lineman in this class.

With Dak Prescott seemingly poised to return in 2021 under a new contract, securing the offensive line now and adding to the defense in subsequent rounds is the right play in Dallas.

11. New York Giants —
Team Needs:
Tier 1 LB, EDGE, CB, WR | Tier 2 IOL, TE, OT | Tier 3 S, RB, WR

Analysis: Can general manager Dave Gettleman resist the urge to draft a linebacker in Round 1?

Gettleman, who was the architect of the Carolina Panthers’ defense that featured Thomas Davis, Luke Kuechly and Shaq Thompson is a noted lover of the ‘backer. And in Micah Parsons the Giants find a true three-tool defensive player on the board to boost what was an exciting group when the 2020 season ended.

To draft Parsons, though, the Giants must punt on adding an offensive weapon until at least Round 2. That’s a tough pill to swallow for many fans, but with the way the board has fallen the top three wide receivers and top tight end are gone. Reaching for a wide receiver here would be more detrimental to the roster than drafting a defender and waiting until pick No. 42 overall.

Leaving the first two rounds with the best defender in the class (Parsons) and the No. 5 wide receiver is quite a haul.

Parsons, who opted out this past season, is a nightmare for offenses at 6’3” and reportedly up to 245 pounds. He can stop the run, he’s explosive in coverage with legit 4.4 speed and he’s shown a penchant for rushing off the edge. Again, three tools. He has them.

There are rumblings of “off-field issues” with Parsons, but in conversations with multiple NFL scouts I’ve learned that these issues are actually quite well documented. Parsons was disciplined for what amounted to hazing, but was not connected to a much more serious sexual assault claim at Penn State at the same time. Parsons has denied involvement and was not charged alongside former teammate Damion Barber.

Also notable is that 2020 draft prospect Yetur Gross-Matos was similarly named by Barber as a co-conspirator but did not see his draft stock affected last year. The same is expected for Parsons in his draft process.

12. San Francisco 49ers —
Team Needs:
Tier 1 QB, LT, CB | Tier 2 IOL, S, EDGE | Tier 3 RB, WR, IOL

Analysis: The San Francisco 49ers have tried to fill their need at quarterback through trades. They may try again still to replace Jimmy Garoppolo via the veteran market if Sam Darnold or others become available at a cost they deem of value.

But so far that hasn’t happened, and head coach Kyle Shanahan must know that rolling into 2021 with Garoppolo’s limitations holding his offense back only hurts his reputation and his chance to win a Super Bowl.

Enter Trey Lance.

The North Dakota State redshirt sophomore is a load at 6’3” and 225 pounds. He’s also an electric dual-threat who in 2019 tossed 28 touchdowns to zero interceptions while adding 14 more scores on the ground.

Much like a Josh Allen or Lamar Jackson, Lance needs time to develop his passing game but he brings an immediate value as a big-play artist who can attack defenses with downfield passing and a dangerous running game.

The 49ers are built on a strong defense and a productive running game. They need a quarterback who can stretch the field and stress defenses with his arm. Garoppolo doesn’t do that. Lance would.

The biggest question is if Shanahan has the patience to work with a young quarterback. This is something he has done very little of in his coaching career and given the complexity of his scheme, it could be something he’s not willing to do.

But for the long-term health of the roster, Lance is a much better option than a short-term window with Kirk Cousins or another veteran.

13. Los Angeles Chargers —
Team Needs: Tier 1 OT, IOL, CB | Tier 2 EDGE, LB, TE, WR | Tier 3 RB, IDL, S

Analysis: No offensive tackle at No. 13 overall? Not in this mock draft.

The Chargers do have an on-paper need at left tackle, but it’s too early to write off 2019 third-rounder Trey Pipkins in that role. He was drafted as a developmental player and entering Year 3 should be given a chance to prove himself in that role.

Filling the need at offensive tackle through free agency or (best case scenario) through the development of Pipkins opens the door for the Los Angeles Chargers to address other, equally as large needs on the roster in Round 1.

Need plus value is an ideal situation for the first round, and that’s what Alabama cornerback Patrick Surtain II brings to the table.

A match-up man coverage cornerback who has played all over the Crimson Tide secondary, Surtain has the size (6’2”, 203 lbs), physicality and football IQ to excel on an island at the NFL level. His press skills are the best in the class and his ability to play outside, inside or even safety should intrigue fans as he can be another match-up weapon in a defense full of them.

14. Minnesota Vikings —
Team Needs: Tier 1 LT, IDL, S | Tier 2 IOL, CB, QB | Tier 3 WR, EDGE, LB

Analysis: The Minnesota Vikings hold steady and find a top-tier left tackle prospect on the board; the perfect pick for their scheme given his athleticism and upside.

Christian Darrisaw didn’t opt out of the 2020 season and saw his stock rise from potential second-rounder to a top 20 player. He’s agile, a smooth mover in pass protection and has the length to handle the edge. He’s also a balanced, poised player whose awareness was notable on tape.

Pairing Darrisaw with Brian O’Neill gives Minnesota a legitimate pair of bookend tackles who can keep the passing game flowing and boost the ground game. Checking off your biggest need at a premium position without having to surrender draft capital is also an ideal situation.

Some may ask about the need to improve the pass rush. Many folks like to connect Minnesota to a pass-rusher in this spot, but given the value on the board and the importance of the left tackle position, if things fell this way in late April this would be the expected pick based on the team’s internal view of their needs.

15. New England Patriots —
Team Needs: Tier 1 QB, WR, LB, IDL | Tier 2 TE, S, WR, OT | Tier 3 EDGE, CB, IOL, RB

Analysis: The biggest question surrounding the New England Patriots this off-season will be what the team does at quarterback. And as of February 11 there aren’t many good answers, but in talks with scouts and league decision-makers, the overwhelming belief is that the Patriots will acquire another veteran as opposed to drafting a first-rounder at the position.

Marcus Mariota, currently a Las Vegas Raider, makes sense. So does Jimmy Garoppolo if the 49ers were to trade or release him.

So as of now, the pick here is not a quarterback. That might change as more intel becomes available, but the smart money is on Bill Belichick trying to build up his roster before swinging for a quarterback early on. And think about this—Belichick is 68 years old. He doesn’t want to rebuild with a rookie quarterback. He wants to win.

A pick that helps the Patriots right now is defensive weapon Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah from Notre Dame. A 6’1”, 220-pound missile, JOK has lined up as a STAR, a linebacker and a safety. He can be deployed in a myriad of alignments and assignments.

And when you’re dealing with Josh Allen twice a year, defenders with versatility and big play potential are a need.

16. Arizona Cardinals —
Team Needs: Tier 1 CB, EDGE, RB | Tier 2 IOL, LB, WR, IDL | Tier 3 TE, WR, CB

Analysis: Patrick Peterson’s run in Arizona is likely coming to an end as he hits free agency this off-season. His replacement and a perfect fit for the defense is on the board at No. 16 overall.

Jaycee Horn is a big, long cornerback (6’1”, 205 lbs) who excels coming up to play the ball and has the size to run in phase with pro receivers. His timed speed will be crucial to his evaluation, but Horn’s tape is first-round caliber. When asked to play at the line of scrimmage in press situations, he can excel with his combination of length and quickness.

The Cardinals could look to capitalize on the edge-rusher group being untouched at this stage of the draft, but the depth there is much better than that at cornerback. Horn, at CB3, is the last of the truly first-round corners in the class.

For Arizona, it’s better to leave the weekend with CB3 and EDGE5 than reach for the top edge-rusher and miss out on starting-caliber corners.

17. Las Vegas Raiders —
Team Needs: Tier 1 IDL, EDGE, LB | Tier 2 IOL, S, CB, QB | Tier 3 WR, OT, RB

Analysis: The middle of the defense continues to be a massive issue for the Las Vegas Raiders; so much so that multiple picks to address the infield could be in play.

With their first pick in the draft, the Raiders take the first defensive tackle of the board with Iowa’s super-athletic Daviyon Nixon.

Turn on the tape of Nixon and the first thing you see is his first-step quickness. He’s explosive and a natural, easy mover. But he’s also very good against the run—stacking blockers, using his hands and dominating with his activeness. Nixon is a complete defensive tackle but as a redshirt junior he still has big upside.

The Raiders could dip into the linebacker or safety market here, but pairing Nixon with Maxx Crosby is too juicy to pass up.

18. Miami Dolphins —
Team Needs: Tier 1 WR, RB, LB, EDGE | Tier 2 IOL, WR, IDL | Tier 3 S, LB, TE, OT

Previous Pick: WR
Analysis: After grabbing a dynamic, WR1 with the No. 3 overall selection, the team of Chris Grier and Brian Flores stay local while addressing the defense with the best edge-rusher in the class.

Gregory Rousseau opted out of the 2020 season, but the mark he left in 2019 cannot be forgotten. In his first year as a starter, the 6’7”, 265-pound Rousseau dominated with 19.5 TFLs and 15.5 sacks while showing an ability to play over the center, split wide on the edge or anywhere in-between.

Rousseau’s first-step quickness and length are exceptional, as are his skills when squeezing the run from the corner of the line. For Miami, a team that found production from Emmanuel Ogbah and others in 2020, a top-tier athlete with Rousseau’s immediate ability and long-term upside would be a dream to work with.

19. Washington Football Team —
Team Needs: Tier 1 QB, LT, TE, WR | Tier 2 CB, S, RB, IOL | Tier 3 WR, LB, CB

Analysis: The quarterback position is the biggest question mark for the Washington Football Team this off-season, but like many other clubs with a mid-first-round selection it could be a situation where a veteran is acquired through a trade or free agency.

Holding tight and drafting a quarterback could be possible, but with a dynamic defense and a playoff berth under the team’s belt with very uneven quarterback play, it’s very possible head coach Ron Rivera will opt for the short-term veteran market over a developmental rookie.

That’s the scenario as of this writing, with Washington passing on QB5 Mac Jones in Round 1 to add a playmaker.

Kadarius Toney was everywhere for the Florida Gators in 2020. He’s a slot receiver, he’s taking handoffs on JET sweeps, he’s lining up split-out wide. Toney was a playmaker; and his juice with the ball in his hands would be a welcome addition to an offense sorely lacking playmakers.

And unlike many of the speedy receivers in the draft, Toney has the strength and physicality to handle the role at nearly 200 pounds. This isn’t an undersized slot receiver but a well-built offensive weapon.

20. Chicago Bears —
Team Needs: Tier 1 QB, OT, WR | Tier 2 IOL, EDGE, IDL | Tier 3 CB, TE, LB

Analysis: Soon after you read this the Bears could have made a trade for Sam Darnold or Carson Wentz. They could also re-sign Mitchell Trubisky to a short-term, prove it deal. But either way, it doesn’t seem like drafting a quarterback in Round 1 is likely.

Safe is not always a fun word when it comes to NFL draft prospects, but USC offensive lineman Alijah Vera-Tucker is super safe.

A top-tier guard before sliding out to tackle due to injuries in 2020, Vera-Tucker played his best football on the outside of the USC line while showing the ideal combination of agility, balance, awareness and poise to handle the left tackle spot in the NFL.

And here’s why he’s so safe—even if Vera-Tucker struggled at tackle due to length, he projects as a Pro Bowl caliber guard. He’s Day 1 ready at either position and would be an immediate boost to the run game of the Chicago Bears no matter where he is lining up.

With the quarterback position very much up in the air, attacking the offensive line is the move.

21. Indianapolis Colts — 
Team Needs: Tier 1 QB, LT, CB, WR | Tier 2 IDL, LB, EDGE | Tier 3 S, TE, CB

Analysis: And finally, QB5 comes off the board.

The Indianapolis Colts are very likely to be involved with the trade markets of both Carson Wentz and Sam Darnold (if he has one), but with the latest of the first round picks likely to be traded, general manager Chris Ballard could find himself unwilling to give up the assets needed to secure a veteran quarterback.

Instead, the Colts are in position to actually draft a starter given the strength of the roster with young players and the health of the salary cap. And in Alabama’s Mac Jones they would have a consistent, accurate passer with beautiful deep touch and the rhythm throws to work underneath targets Mike Pittman and (if he returns) T.Y. Hilton open.

Jones will not wow you physically, but his energy and leadership were on display and impressed at the Senior Bowl. And while he doesn’t have an arm that rival Josh Allen, he has enough juice to make pro-level throws while winning with awareness, timing and accuracy.

If Frank Reich can live with an average athlete but high-completion thrower, Jones is an excellent value at this stage of the draft.

22. Tennessee Titans —
Team Needs: Tier 1 EDGE, WR, IDL | Tier 2 OT, CB, S, IOL | Tier 3 LB, EDGE, TE

Analysis: The run on edge-rushers begins with the Tennessee Titans addressing their biggest need at pick No. 22 overall.

Finding a consistent pass rush opposite Harold Landry has been much harder than you would think. The Titans added Vic Beasley, but he flamed out. The same for Jadeveon Clowney, who spent a considerable amount of time on the injured list and added zero sacks in 2020.

The free agent market didn’t work, so it’s back to drafting and developing for the Titans. And Miami’s Jaelan Phillips has the size (6’5”, 265 lbs), speed and burst is the perfect fit.

Based on tools, the former five-star recruit is the most talented edge-rusher in the class, but concerns about his injury history while at UCLA could hurt his stock. If Phillips receives a clean bill of health, he could find himself as a top 15 draft selection.

23. New York Jets (from Seattle) —
Team Needs: Tier 1 QB, WR, CB, EDGE | Tier 2 LB, RB, TE | Tier 3 IOL, S, CB

Previous Pick: QB
Analysis: Wide receiver is no doubt a huge need, but with the top four off the board and the Jets rumored to want to spend big in free agency for JuJu Smith-Schuster and/or Will Fuller, they’re able to address a huge need on defense with pick No. 23 overall.

Georgia’s Azeez Ojulari is a perfect fit for new head coach Robert Saleh’s defense. Running a 4-3 Under, Saleh wants a speedy rusher to come off the edge of the line in what amounts to a 9-technique alignment. The San Francisco 49ers tried adding Dee Ford for this role under Saleh before injuries derailed the plan, but it’s easy to see the New York Jets lacking this player.

Ojulari’s first step is deadly and he plays with more power than expected for an undersized (6’3”, 240 lbs) rusher. His high motor, speed and production are ideal as both a stand up and hand-down rusher in this defensive front.

24. Pittsburgh Steelers —
Team Needs: Tier 1 QB, RB, OT, IDL | Tier 2 CB, EDGE, IOL, TE | Tier 3 WR, IDL, LB

Analysis: There aren’t many positions the Pittsburgh Steelers can comfortably not draft in Round 1 if there is value on the board.

Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger may not return; and even if he does, his future is short-lived as a starter. The run game was a mess. Wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster is a free agent, as is left tackle Alejandro Villanueva. And that’s just on offense.

Finding the mix of need and value is the key, and it’s something Pittsburgh does very well in the draft. Which is why if Michigan’s Jalen Mayfield is on the board—or any other offensive tackle with a Round 1 grade—he should be the pick.

A right tackle at Michigan, Mayfield projects best to that side in the NFL but there are some who believe he could play left tackle in a run-heavy scheme. He’s a mean mauler in the run game, though, and could help the Steelers’ offense find the balance it lacked in 2020.

And while Mayfield won’t win many footraces among the offensive tackle class, his toughness and technique in the run game make him a Day 1 starter and worthy first-rounder.

25. Jacksonville Jaguars (from LA Rams)—
Team Needs: Tier 1 QB, OT, WR | Tier 2 TE, CB, S | Tier 3 RB, IDL, IOL

Previous Pick: QB
Analysis: A massive right tackle prospect is just what the Jacksonville Jaguars need as they assemble an offense for head coach Urban Meyer and quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

Teven Jenkins is a Day 1 starter on the right side with excellent quickness in the high-octane Oklahoma State passing game. He’s comfortable being on an island and uses his length and quickness to protect the edge in the passing game. And offensive line coaches believe he’s capable of becoming much better with improved core strength and balance training.

With 2019 second-rounder Jawann Taylor continuing to struggle, the time is now to find his replacement. At No. 25 overall, that’s Jenkins.

26. Cleveland Browns —
Team Needs:
Tier 1 EDGE, CB, LB | Tier 2 IDL, IOL, S | Tier 3 WR, LB, CB

Analysis: Defense, defense, defense for the Cleveland Browns in this mock draft. And it’s needed.

After watching the offense finally find balance under first-year head coach Kevin Stefanski in 2020, the Browns’ front office must rebound and work on plugging holes on the opposite side of the ball.

TCU’s Trevon Moehrig is a true centerfielder with excellent range and a versatility that allows him to play any of the safety alignments. His instincts and football IQ are scary good and have allowed him to play everything from post safety to single-high.

Moehrig is the best safety in the class and a versatile, defensive chess piece. The Browns, with their struggles in the middle of the field, desperately need him.

27. Baltimore Ravens —
Team Needs: Tier 1 EDGE, WR, TE | Tier 2 IDL, S, WR | Tier 3 LB, IOL, CB, OT

Analysis: A big, reliable target for Lamar Jackson in the passing game is the ideal pick and biggest need on the roster, but none are on the board of value. That means Baltimore does what they do best—attack value and need with a Best Player Available pick.

That’s pass-rusher Kwity Paye. A standout along the Michigan defensive line, Paye was asked to line up in various positions from standing up over the center to putting his hand in the dirt outside the tackle. And he produced no matter the situation.

An explosive, versatile pass-rusher is exactly what Baltimore needs. And the value of finding my No. 14 overall player here is too good to pass up when the best values at receiver will come either in the top 10 picks or in the second round.

28. New Orleans Saints —
Team Needs: Tier 1 QB, LB, CB | Tier 2 EDGE, WR, IDL | Tier 3 OT, S, LB, TE

Analysis: Barring a massive trade and a lot of assets trading hands, the Saints head into the offseason without an expected starting quarterback.

With no quarterbacks on the board who can become the replacement to Drew Brees, the Saints are likely to rely on the return of Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill to solve the quarterback position.

So where do you go with pick No. 28 overall? You address the defense.

Jabril Cox was hard to miss at LSU thanks to his 6’4”, 245 pound frame and ability as a lockdown coverage linebacker when matched up against tight ends and backs. He shined once again during Senior Bowl week and secured his position as a Round 1 talent.

The former North Dakota State star has the athletic tools, coverage traits and instincts the NFL craves for linebackers.

29. Green Bay Packers —
Team Needs: Tier 1 WR, CB, LB | Tier 2 OT, IDL, IOL, TE | Tier 3 S, LB

Analysis: Sorry, Packers fans. No wide receiver here. But that’s because of the value of the position as it relates to the talent on the board. Reaching for an Elijah Moore here isn’t the Packers’ style. So, better to wait until Round 2 and grab a value than reach here and miss out on an athletic linebacker.

Nick Bolton is a bit of a classic ‘backer at 6’0” and 241 pounds, but he’s shown the speed and instincts to be a three-down threat. Bolton is super quick working to the sideline and lays the wood as a tackler. In a league fixated on three-down linebackers (which will only increase following the Super Bowl), Bolton’s stock could take off with a strong pre-draft process.

As it stands, Bolton is a value at No. 29 overall and a perfect fit in the middle of the Packers’ defense.

And yes, the Packers do need wide receivers, but the value in this class is truly better in Round 2 at receiver than it is at linebacker. Leaving the weekend with a top-tier linebacker and a valuable No. 2 receiver is better than a No. 2 receiver and no linebackers worthy of a starting grade on the board in late Round 2.

30. Buffalo Bills —
Team Needs:
Tier 1 CB, LB, OT | Tier 2 EDGE, IOL, CB, TE | Tier 3 RB, WR, S

Analysis: The Buffalo Bills could not run the ball late in the season, and that’s an issue that must be addressed soon.

Najee Harris—plus some tweaks along the interior offensive line—solves that issue in a big way. And, thanks to his 43 receptions in 2020, the passing game receives a check down safety valve, too.

The Bills’ biggest needs might actually be on defense, but the inability to run the ball goes against how Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott built this team. They want ball control balanced with deep shots and a defense that can punish offenses when they’re playing with a lead.

Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs can get the Bills a lead, now they need a back who can protect it. Harris is a punisher at 6’2” and 230 pounds with excellent inside-outside vision, run-away speed and soft hands.

One year after trading a first-rounder for Stefon Diggs, the Bills double-down on offense and find a star in Harris.

31. Kansas City Chiefs —
Team Needs: Tier 1 CB, WR, IOL | Tier 2 LB, OT, TE | Tier 3 IDL, EDGE, CB

Analysis: There should be one mission in Kansas City this off-season: Protect Patrick Mahomes.

Many will look at the Chiefs’ offensive line and assume that they’ll be fine if healthy in 2021, but a closer look tells you it’s unlikely they’ll be healthy. Or fine.

Eric Fisher tore his Achilles in the AFC Championship Game. He’s out a year. Minimum.

Mitchell Schwartz hurt his back in October and hasn’t practiced since. There were rumors throughout the playoff run that he could retire.

Laurent Duvernay-Tardif opted out of the 2020 season and could return, but he was a rumored cap casualty before the season. He could be waived as the team moves into expensive years for Frank Clark, Chris Jones and Tyrann Mathieu.

The interior of this line was already patchwork, which was exposed in the Super Bowl as Mahomes ran for his life. General manager Brett Veach watched his star player take shot after shot on Sunday night. That lasting image will prompt him to secure the offensive line through the 2021 draft.

To start that process, finding a captain on the line and an anchor in the middle is gigantic. Landon Dickerson has the toughness, leadership, strength and technique to be trusted with creating the pocket for Mahomes to step up into. He’s a Day 1 starter who finds himself available this late only because a torn ACL suffered in the SEC Championship Game.

Dickerson would be slated for an early season return. Right in time to slide into the starting center spot.

32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers —
Team Needs: Tier 1 EDGE, IDL, IOL | Tier 2 QB2, RB, LB | Tier 3 S, WR

Analysis: If you’re reading this wondering why the football gods would allow this pass-rush to become any more deadly, it’s worth noting that the group has several key free agents to address.

Shaq Barrett played on the franchise tag last year and has to be re-signed. Jason Pierre-Paul is set to enter free agency at 32 years old. And while those two were nearly unstoppable in the post-season, there is little depth behind them.

The most likely scenario is that Barrett gets the long-term contract he deserves while JPP is allowed to test the market and potentially return on a team-friendly deal. But the future and depth at edge-rusher must be addressed.

Washington’s Joe Tryon is a power rusher with big, strong hands that he uses to create separation from blockers. That pairs perfectly with the speed of Barrett and the philosophy of Todd Bowles’ defense—especially Tryon’s ability in the run game.

Coming off a Super Bowl win, the Buccaneers have few pressing needs. Finding a valuable pass-rusher who can provide depth and is a future starter is a bargain.

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Round 2

33. Jacksonville Jaguars
The Pick: TE Pat Freiermuth, Penn State
Previous Picks: QB, OT

34. New York Jets
The Pick: CB Aaron Robinson, UCF
Previous Picks: QB, EDGE

35. Atlanta Falcons
The Pick: RB Travis Etienne, Clemson
Previous Pick: TE

36. Miami Dolphins (from Houston)
The Pick: LB Jamin Davis, Kentucky
Previous Picks: WR, EDGE

37. Philadelphia Eagles
The Pick: S Jevon Holland, Oregon
Previous Pick: WR

38. Cincinnati Bengals
The Pick: EDGE Joseph Ossai, Texas
Previous Pick: OT

39 Carolina Panthers
The Pick: OT James Hudson, Cincinnati
Previous Pick: QB

40. Denver Broncos
The Pick: EDGE Jayson Oweh, Penn State
Previous Pick: CB

41. Detroit Lions
The Pick: LB Chazz Surratt, North Carolina
Previous Pick: WR

42. NY Giants
The Pick: WR Elijah Moore, Ole Miss
Previous Pick: LB

43. San Francisco 49ers
The Pick: CB Tyson Campbell, Georgia
Previous Pick: QB

44. Dallas Cowboys
The Pick: DL Levi Onwuzurike, Washington
Previous Pick: OT

45. Jacksonville Jaguars (from Minnesota)
The Pick: CB Kelvin Joseph, Kentucky
Previous Picks: QB, OT, TE

46. New England Patriots
The Pick: DL Christian Barmore, Alabama
Previous Pick: LB

47. Los Angeles Chargers
The Pick: OG Wyatt Davis, Ohio State
Previous Pick: CB

48. Las Vegas Raiders
The Pick: OT Alex Leatherwood, Alabama
Previous Pick: DL

49. Arizona Cardinals
The Pick: EDGE Zaven Collins, Tulsa
Previous Pick: CB

50. Miami Dolphins
The Pick: RB Javonte Williams, North Carolina
Previous Picks: WR, EDGE, LB

51. Washington Football Team
The Pick: QB Kyle Trask, Florida
Previous Pick: WR

52. Chicago Bears
The Pick: WR Terrace Marshall, LSU
Previous Pick: OT

53. Tennessee Titans
The Pick: WR Tutu Atwell, Louisville
Previous Pick: EDGE

54. Indianapolis Colts
The Pick: OT Samuel Cosmi, Texas
Previous Pick: QB

55. Pittsburgh Steelers
The Pick: DL Marlon Tuipulotu, USC
Previous Pick: OT

56. Seattle Seahawks
Team Needs: Tier 1 EDGE, OT, IOL | Tier 2 IDL, IOL, CB, WR3 | Tier 3 TE, S, RB
The Pick: EDGE Patrick Jones II, Pitt
Previous Pick: none

57. Los Angeles Rams
Team Needs: Tier 1 OT, EDGE, LB | Tier 2 IOL, WR, OT | Tier 3 CB, LB, TE, IOL
The Pick: OT Dillon Radunz, North Dakota State
Previous Pick: none

58. Baltimore Ravens
The Pick: WR Rashod Bateman, Minnesota
Previous Pick: EDGE

59. Cleveland Browns
The Pick: LB Baron Browning, Ohio State
Previous Pick: S

60. New Orleans Saints
The Pick: CB Elijah Molden, Washington
Previous Pick: LB

61. Buffalo Bills
The Pick: EDGE Jordan Smith, UAB
Previous Pick: RB

62. Green Bay Packers
The Pick: WR Rondale Moore, Purdue
Previous Pick: LB

63. Kansas City Chiefs
The Pick: OT Liam Eichenberg, Notre Dame
Previous Pick: OC

64. Tampa Bay Bucs
DL Tommy Togiai, Ohio State
Previous Pick: EDGE

Round 3

65. Jacksonville Jaguars
The Pick: WR Dyami Brown, North Carolina
Previous Picks: QB, OT, TE, CB

66. NY Jets
The Pick: WR D'Wayne Eskridge, Western Michigan
Previous Picks: QB, EDGE, CB

67. Houston Texans
Team Needs: Tier 1 WR, IOL, CB | Tier 2 RB, TE, EDGE, IDL | Tier 3 S, LB, WR
The Pick: WR Amon-Ra St. Brown, USC
Previous Pick: None

68. Atlanta Falcons
The Pick: EDGE Carlos Basham, Wake Forest
Previous Picks: TE, RB

69. Cincinnati Bengals
The Pick: WR Amari Rodgers, Clemson
Previous Picks: OT, EDGE

70. Philadelphia Eagles
The Pick: CB Greg Newsome II, Northwestern
Previous Picks: WR, S

71. Denver Broncos
The Pick: LB Pete Warner, Ohio State
Previous Picks: CB, EDGE

72. Detroit Lions
The Pick: CB Eric Stokes, Georgia
Previous Picks: WR, LB

73. Carolina Panthers
The Pick: CB Asante Samuel Jr., FSU
Previous Picks: QB, OT

74. Washington (from 49ers)
The Pick: S Richie Grant, UCF
Previous Picks: WR, QB

75. Dallas Cowboys
The Pick: CB Shakur Brown, Michigan State
Previous Picks: OT, DL

76. NY Giants
The Pick: EDGE Ronnie Perkins, Oklahoma
Previous Picks: LB, WR

77. Forfeited — New England Patriots

78. LA Chargers
The Pick: EDGE Wyatt Hubert, Kansas State
Previous Picks: CB, OG

79. Minnesota Vikings
The Pick: S Talanoa Hufanga, USC
Previous Picks: OT

80. Arizona Cardinals
The Pick: RB Michael Carter, North Carolina
Previous Picks: CB, EDGE

81. Las Vegas Raiders
The Pick: LB Dylan Moses, Alabama
Previous Picks: CB, EDGE

82. Miami Dolphins
The Pick: IOL Deonte Brown, Alabama
Previous Picks: WR, EDGE, LB, RB

83. Washington Football Team
The Pick: WR Sage Surratt, Wake Forest
Previous Picks: WR, QB, S

84. Chicago Bears
The Pick: IOL Quinn Meinerz, Wisc.-Whitewater
Previous Picks: OT, WR

85. Indianapolis Colts
The Pick: WR Nico Collins, Michigan
Previous Picks: QB, OT

86. Tennessee Titans
The Pick: DL Jay Tufele, USC
Previous Picks: EDGE, WR

87. NY Jets (from Seahawks)
The Pick: DL Alim McNeill, NC State
Previous Picks: QB, EDGE, CB, WR

88. Pittsburgh Steelers
The Pick: RB Kenneth Gainwell, Memphis
Previous Picks: OT, DL

89. Detroit (from Rams)
The Pick: DE/DL Rashad Weaver, Pitt
Previous Picks: WR, LB, CB

90. Cleveland Browns
The Pick: EDGE Daelin Hayes, Notre Dame
Previous Picks: S, LB

91. Minnesota (from Ravens)
The Pick: DL Tyler Shelvin, LSU
Previous Picks: OT, S

92. Cleveland (from Saints)
The Pick: CB Shaun Wade, Ohio State
Previous Picks: S, LB, EDGE

93. Green Bay Packers
The Pick: OT Spencer Brown, Northern Iowa
Previous Picks: LB, WR

94. Buffalo Bills
The Pick: CB Ifeatu Melifonwu, Syracuse
Previous Picks: RB, EDGE

95. Kansas City Chiefs
The Pick: WR Anthony Schwartz, Auburn
Previous Picks: OC, OT

96. Tampa Bay Bucs
The Pick: IOL Josh Myers, Ohio State
Previous Picks: EDGE, DL

Round 4

97. Jacksonville Jaguars
The Pick: IOL Trey Smith, Tennessee
Previous Picks: QB, OT, TE, CB, WR

98. NY Jets
The Pick: IOL Creed Humphrey, Oklahoma
Previous Picks: QB, EDGE, CB, WR, DL

99. Atlanta Falcons
The Pick: LB Tony Fields II, Arizona
Previous Picks: TE, RB, EDGE

100. Houston Texans
The Pick: IOL Aaron Banks, Notre Dame
Previous Picks: WR

101. Cleveland (from Eagles)
The Pick: DL Dayo Odeyingbo, Vanderbilt
Previous Picks: S, LB, EDGE

102. Cincinnati Bengals
The Pick: TE Tommy Tremble, Notre Dame
Previous Picks: OT, EDGE, WR

103. Detroit Lions
The Pick: OT Brady Christensen, BYU
Previous Picks: WR, LB, CB

104. Carolina Panthers
The Pick: TE Hunter Long, Boston College
Previous Picks: QB, OT, CB

105. Denver Broncos
The Pick: IOL Drake Jackson, Kentucky
Previous Picks: CB, EDGE, LB

106. Dallas Cowboys
The Pick: EDGE Quincy Roche, Miami
Previous Picks: OT, DL, CB

107. NY Giants
The Pick: CB Israel Mukuamu, South Carolina
Previous Picks: LB, WR, EDGE

108. San Francisco 49ers
The Pick: IOL Jack Anderson, Texas Tech
Previous Picks: QB, CB

109. LA Chargers
The Pick: RB Trey Sermon, Ohio State
Previous Picks: CB, OG, EDGE

110. Minnesota Vikings
The Pick: OG D'Ante Smith, East Carolina
Previous Picks: OT, S, DL

111. New England Patriots
The Pick: WR Tylan Wallace, Oklahoma State
Previous Picks: LB, DL

112. Las Vegas Raiders
The Pick: OT Walker Little, Stanford
Previous Picks: CB, EDGE, LB

113. Houston (from Cardinals)
The Pick: RB Jaret Patterson, Buffalo
Previous Picks: WR, IOL

114. Miami Dolphins
The Pick: S Hamsah Nasirildeen, FSU
Previous Picks: WR, EDGE, LB, RB, IOL

115. Washington Football Team
The Pick: TE Brevin Jordan, Miami
Previous Picks: WR, QB, S, WR

116. Minnesota (from Bears)
The Pick: CB Kary Vincent Jr., LSU
Previous Picks: OT, S, DL, OG

117. Tennessee Titans
The Pick: CB Ambry Thomas, Michigan
Previous Picks: EDGE, WR, DL

118. Indianapolis Colts
The Pick: EDGE Adetokunbo Ogundeji, Notre Dame
Previous Picks: QB, OT, WR

119. Pittsburgh Steelers
The Pick: EDGE Shaka Toney, Penn State
Previous Picks: OT, DL, RB

120. Seattle Seahawks
The Pick: IOL Ben Cleveland, Georgia
Previous Picks: EDGE

121. Jacksonville (from Rams)
The Pick: S Andre Cisco, Syracuse
Previous Picks: QB, OT, TE, CB, WR, IOL

122. Baltimore Ravens
The Pick: TE Kenny Yeboah, Ole Miss
Previous Picks: EDGE, WR

123. Cleveland Browns
The Pick: WR Ihmir Smith-Marsette, Iowa
Previous Picks: S, LB, EDGE, DL

124. New Orleans Saints
The Pick: S Caden Sterns, Texas
Previous Picks: LB, CB

125. Minnesota (from Bills)
The Pick: CB Marco Wilson, Florida
Previous Picks: OT, S, DL, OG

126. Green Bay Packers
The Pick: CB Robert Rochell, Central Arkansas
Previous Picks: LB, WR, OT

127. Kansas City Chiefs
The Pick: CB Tre Brown, Oklahoma
Previous Picks: OC, OT, WR

128. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The Pick: RB Chuba Hubbard, Oklahoma St.
Previous Picks: EDGE, DL, IOL

Round 5

129. Jacksonville Jaguars
The Pick: DL Marvin Wilson, FSU
Previous Picks: QB, OT, TE, CB, WR, IOL, S

130. NY Jets
The Pick: S Jamien Sherwood, Auburn
Previous Picks: QB, EDGE, CB, WR, DL, IOL

131. Houston Texans
The Pick: EDGE Payton Turner, Houston
Previous Picks: WR, IOL, RB

132. Atlanta Falcons
The Pick: QB Jamie Newman, Wake Forest
Previous Picks: TE, RB, EDGE, LB

133. Cincinnati Bengals
The Pick: CB DJ Daniel, Georgia
Previous Picks: OT, EDGE, WR, TE

134. Philadelphia Eagles
The Pick: IOL Robert Hainsey, Notre Dame
Previous Picks: WR, S, CB

135. Carolina Panthers
The Pick: WR Frank Darby, Arizona State
Previous Picks: QB, OT, CB

136. Denver Broncos
The Pick: DL Cameron Sample, Tulane
Previous Picks: CB, EDGE, LB, IOL

137. Detroit Lions
The Pick: S Paris Ford, Pitt
Previous Picks: WR, LB, CB, OT

138. NY Jets (from Giants)
The Pick: RB Jermar Jefferson, Oregon State
Previous Picks: QB, EDGE, CB, WR, DL, IOL, S

139. San Francisco 49ers
The Pick: EDGE Chris Rumph II, Duke
Previous Picks: QB, CB, IOL

140. Eagles (from Cowboys)
The Pick: LB Charles Snowden II, Virginia
Previous Picks: WR, S, CB, IOL

141. Minnesota Vikings
The Pick: WR Cade Johnson, South Dakota State
Previous Picks: OT, S, DL, OG, CB

142. New England Patriots
The Pick: S Richard LeCounte, Georgia
Previous Picks: LB, DL, WR

143. LA Chargers
The Pick: OT Jaylon Moore, Western Michigan
Previous Picks: CB, OG, EDGE, RB

144. Arizona Cardinals
The Pick: IOL Jackson Carman, Clemson
Previous Picks: CB, EDGE, RB

145. Buffalo (from Raiders)
The Pick: LB Hamilcar Rashed Jr., Oregon State
Previous Picks: RB, EDGE, CB

146. Las Vegas Raiders (from Dolphins)
The Pick: DL Milton Williams, LA Tech
Previous Picks: CB, EDGE, LB, OT

147. Washington Football Team
The Pick: OL David Moore, Grambling State
Previous Picks: WR, QB, S, WR, TE

148. Chicago Bears
The Pick: LB K.J. Britt, Auburn
Previous Picks: OT, WR, IOL

149. Indianapolis Colts
The Pick: LB/S JaCoby Stevens, LSU
Previous Picks: QB, OT, WR, EDGE

150. Tennessee Titans
The Pick: OT Adrian Ealy, Oklahoma
Previous Picks: EDGE, WR, DL, CB

151. Seattle Seahawks
The Pick: CB Paulson Adebo, Stanford
Previous Picks: EDGE, IOL

152. Ravens (from Steelers)
The Pick: QB Sam Ehlinger, Texas
Previous Picks: EDGE, WR, TE

153. Browns (from Rams)
The Pick: IOL Dan Moore Jr., Texas A&M
Previous Picks: S, LB, EDGE, DL, WR

154. Jaguars (from Browns)
The Pick: RB Javian Hawkins, Louisville
Previous Picks: QB, OT, TE, CB, WR, IOL, S, DL

155. Vikings (from Ravens)
The Pick: QB Davis Mills, Stanford
Previous Picks: OT, S, DL, OG, CB, WR

156. 49ers (from Saints)
The Pick: DL Ta'Quon Graham, Texas
Previous Picks: QB, CB, IOL, EDGE

157. Green Bay Packers
The Pick: DL Quinton Bohanna, Kentucky
Previous Picks: LB, WR, OT, CB

158. Buffalo Bills
The Pick: WR Shi Smith, South Carolina
Previous Picks: RB, EDGE, CB, LB

159. Kansas City Chiefs
The Pick: EDGE Malcolm Koonce, Buffalo
Previous Picks: OC, OT, WR, CB

160. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The Pick: TE Noah Gray, Duke
Previous Picks: EDGE, DL, IOL, RB

Round 6

161. Tennessee (from Jaguars)
The Pick: RB/WR Demetric Felton, UCLA
Previous Picks: EDGE, WR, DL, CB, OT

162. NY Jets
The Pick: LB Justin Hilliard, Ohio State
Previous Picks: QB, EDGE, CB, WR, DL, IOL, S

163. Atlanta Falcons
The Pick: WR Seth Williams, Auburn
Previous Picks: TE, RB, EDGE, LB, QB

164. Houston Texans
The Pick: LB Anthony Hines, Texas A&M
Previous Picks: WR, IOL, RB, EDGE

165. Philadelphia Eagles
The Pick: LB Isaiah McDuffie, Boston College
Previous Picks: WR, S, CB, IOL

166. Cincinnati Bengals
The Pick: RB Chris Evans, Michigan
Previous Picks: OT, EDGE, WR, TE, CB

167. Denver Broncos
The Pick: RB Kylin Hill, Miss. State
Previous Picks: CB, EDGE, LB, IOL, DL

168. Cowboys (from Lions)
The Pick: LB Monty Rice, Georgia
Previous Picks: OT, DL, CB, EDGE

169. Carolina Panthers
The Pick: DL Osa Odighizuwa, UCLA
Previous Picks: QB, OT, CB, WR

170. San Francisco 49ers
The Pick: WR Jonathan Adams, Arkansas State
Previous Picks: QB, CB, IOL, EDGE, DL

171. Patriots (from Cowboys)
The Pick: IOL Drew Dalman, Stanford
Previous Picks: LB, DL, WR, S

172. NY Giants
The Pick: TE Quintin Morris, Bowling Green
Previous Picks: LB, WR, EDGE, CB

173. New England Patriots
The Pick: EDGE Elerson Smith, Northern Iowa
Previous Picks: LB, DL, WR, S, IOL

174. LA Chargers
The Pick: WR Cornell Powell, Clemson
Previous Picks: CB, OG, EDGE, RB, OT

175. Minnesota Vikings
The Pick: RB Rham Stevenson, Oklahoma
Previous Picks: OT, S, DL, OG, CB, WR, QB

176. Forfeited, Las Vegas Raiders

177. NY Giants (from Cardinals)
The Pick: S James Wiggins, Cincinnati
Previous Picks: LB, WR, EDGE, CB, TE

178. Texans (from Dolphins)
The Pick: WR Marquez Stevenson, Houston
Previous Picks: WR, IOL, RB, EDGE, LB

179. Raiders (from WFT)
The Pick: S Shawn Davis, Florida
Previous Picks: CB, EDGE, LB, OT, DL

180. Chicago Bears
The Pick: CB Mark Webb, Georgia
Previous Picks: OT, WR, IOL, EDGE

181. LA Chargers (from Titans)
The Pick: FB/TE Ben Mason, Michigan
Previous Picks: CB, OG, EDGE, RB, OT, WR

182. Indianapolis Colts
The Pick: CB Camryn Bynum, California
Previous Picks: QB, OT, WR, EDGE, LB

183. Dolphins (from Steelers)
The Pick: DL Bobby Brown III, Texas A&M
Previous Picks: WR, EDGE, LB, RB, IOL, S

184. Seattle Seahawks
The Pick: DL Jalen Twyman, Pitt
Previous Picks: EDGE, IOL, OT

185. LA Rams
The Pick: EDGE Chauncey Golston, Iowa
Previous Pick: OT

186. Baltimore Ravens
The Pick: RB Khalil Herbert, Virginia Tech
Previous Picks: EDGE, WR, TE, QB

187. Cleveland Browns
The Pick: CB Bryce Thompson, Tennessee
Previous Picks: S, LB, EDGE, DL, WR

188. Texans (from Saints)
The Pick: S Damar Hamlin, Pitt
Previous Picks: WR, IOL, RB, EDGE, LB, WR

189. Buffalo Bills
The Pick: IOL Larry Borom, Missouri
Previous Picks: RB, EDGE, CB, LB, WR

190. Green Bay Packers
The Pick: IOL Tommy Doyle, Miami (OH)
Previous Picks: LB, WR, OT, CB, DL

191. Titans (from Chiefs)
The Pick: IOL Trey Hill, Georgia
Previous Picks: EDGE, WR, DL, CB, OT, OW

192. Steelers (from Bucs)
The Pick: IOL Jimmy Morrissey, Pitt
Previous Picks: OT, DL, RB, EDGE

Round 7

193. Jacksonville Jaguars
The Pick: EDGE Jonathan Cooper, Ohio State
Previous Picks: QB, OT, TE, CB, WR, IOL, S, DL, RB

194. 49ers (from NY Jets)
The Pick: S Aashari Crosswell, Arizona State
Previous Picks: QB, CB, IOL, EDGE, DL, WR

195. Houston Texans
The Pick: TE Tre McKitty, Georgia
Previous Picks: WR, IOL, RB, EDGE, LB, WR, S

196. Bears (from Falcons)
The Pick: S Ar'Darius Washington, TCU
Previous Picks: OT, WR, IOL, EDGE, CB

197. Cincinnati Bengals
The Pick: WR Dax Milne, BYU
Previous Picks: OT, EDGE, LB, IOL, DL, RB

198. Philadelphia Eagles
The Pick: EDGE William Bradley-King, Baylor
Previous Picks: WR, S, CB, IOL, LB

199. Bengals (from Lions)
The Pick: LB Riley Cole, South Alabama
Previous Picks: OT, EDGE, LB, IOL, DL, RB, WR

200. Bills (from Panthers)
The Pick: S Chris Brown, Texas
Previous Picks: RB, EDGE, CB, LB, WR, IOL

201. Denver Broncos
The Pick: QB Feleipe Franks, Arkansas
Previous Picks: CB, EDGE, LB, IOL, DL, RB

202. Dallas Cowboys
The Pick: WR Dazz Newsome, North Carolina
Previous Picks: OT, DL, CB, EDGE, LB

203. Broncos (from Giants)
The Pick: S Trill Williams, Syracuse
Previous Picks: CB, EDGE, LB, IOL, DL, RB, QB

204. San Francisco 49ers
The Pick: RB Rakeem Boyd, Arkansas
Previous Picks: QB, CB, IOL, EDGE, DL, WR, S

205. LA Chargers
The Pick: LB Garrett Wallow, TCU
Previous Picks: OT, OG, EDGE, RB, CB, WR, TE

206. Minnesota Vikings
The Pick: EDGE Tarron Jackson, Coastal Carolina
Previous Picks: OT, S, DL, OG, CB, WR, QB, RB

207. New England Patriots
The Pick: WR Whop Philyor, Indiana
Previous Picks: LB, DL, WR, S, IOL, EDGE

208. Arizona Cardinals
The Pick: WR Tyler Vaughns, USC
Previous Picks: CB, EDGE, RB, IOL

209. WFT (from Raiders)
The Pick: RB Elijah Mitchell, Louisiana
Previous Picks: WR, QB, S, WR, TE, IOL

210. Steelers (from Dolphins)
The Pick: CB Tre Norwood, Oklahoma
Previous Picks: OT, DL, RB, EDGE, IOL

211. Washington Football Team
The Pick: OT Alaric Jackson, Iowa
Previous Picks: WR, QB, S, WR, TE, IOL, RB

212. Raiders (from Bears)
The Pick: WR Josh Palmer, Tennessee
Previous Picks: CB, EDGE, LB, OT, DL, S

213. Indianapolis Colts
The Pick: S Marcus Murphy, Mississippi State
Previous Picks: QB, OT, WR, EDGE, LB, CB

214. Jaguars (from Titans)
The Pick: WR Desmond Fitzpatrick, Louisville
Previous Picks: QB, OT, TE, CB, WR, IOL, S, DL, RB, EDGE

215. NY Jets (from Seahawks)
The Pick: RB Larry Rountree III, Missouri
Previous Picks: QB, EDGE, CB, WR, DL, IOL, S, LB

216. Buccaneers (from Steelers)
The Pick: QB Kellen Mond, Texas A&M
Previous Picks: EDGE, DL, IOL, RB, TE

217. LA Rams
The Pick: S Joshuah Bledsoe, Missouri
Previous Picks: OT, EDGE

218. Broncos (from Browns)
The Pick: S Tyree Gillespie, Missouri
Previous Picks: CB, EDGE, LB, IOL, DL, RB, QB, S

219. Steelers (from Ravens)
The Pick: TE Tony Poljan, Virginia
Previous Picks: OT, DL, RB, EDGE, IOL, CB

  1. Forfeited, New Orleans Saints

221. Green Bay Packers
The Pick: WR Brennan Eagles, Texas
Previous Picks: LB, WR, OT, CB, DL, IOL

222. Browns (from Bills)
The Pick: QB Shane Buechele, SMU
Previous Picks: S, LB, EDGE, DL, WR, IOL

223. Kansas City Chiefs
The Pick: LB Tuf Borland, Ohio State
Previous Picks: OC, OT, WR, CB, EDGE

224. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The Pick: LB Grant Stuard, Houston
Previous Picks: EDGE, DL, IOL, RB, TE