Spencer Brown 2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Name: Spencer Brown

Position: Offensive Tackle

College: Northern Iowa

Height: 6’8”

Weight: 311 lbs

Overall Rank: No. 77 overall

Position Rank: OT13

Strengths: Spencer Brown is a converted skill player that has put on weight in college to grow into the offensive line position. He still utilizes above-average athleticism for the position and has excellent overall size and length, including a frame that looks like it could comfortably carry another 10-15 pounds. Brown uses his athleticism to win in pass protection and, although the technique and play strength is still developing, it’s obvious that he has the lower-half mobility and fluidity to be an NFL pass-setter. His vertical sets are smooth and efficient, allowing him to beat defenders to the spot and use length for quick wins. He has good overall balance and will be able to work in either scheme, but looks best-suited for an outside zone scheme that allows him to work frontside combos while climbing in space. He is patient with his hands and has good hand-eye coordination in pass protection to accurately place his strikes for leverage points.

Weaknesses: Brown has some natural leverage concerns due to his height and can get a little thin in his base. Those two traits combined will create challenges early on versus power. He’ll likely need to keep developing his play strength to combat the fact that he simply won’t be the “low man” on most reps. Brown trusts his length too much at times, getting lazy and flaring the outside knee while opening his hip prematurely. He’s showing the defender the hoop to run and could help himself out by having his hands, hips, and feet work independently more often. He’ll have to prove he can handle NFL-caliber talent on a rep-by-rep basis and whoever drafts him will have to be patient in understanding he’s still an unfinished product.

What I Love: Brown has the fluidity in his lower half that NFL teams dream about. If he can put together the technical efficiency, there’s an athletic base of a perennial All-Pro. 

NFL Comparison: Brandon Parker

Grade: 79/100

Position Specific Traits:
(key: +, ++, +++ positive scale | -, - -, - - - negative scale)

Agility: ++
Footwork: +
Length: +++
Run Blocking: ++
Pass Blocking: +
Strength: +