Member Mock Draft a surprise!

Happy Monday, crew!

A quick post today to update y’all on the Member Mock Draft and a special perk for our paid members.

Member Mock Draft

The response to the Member Mock has been incredible and I’m so excited to get this thing going. On January 15 paid members will be able to sign up to take over their favorite team as a general manager for our first live mock draft.

Here are some details:

  • First-come, first-serve with some special celebrity GMs joining us

  • Must be a paid member to sign up as a GM, so subscribe today

  • Each team will have a GM and two alternates in case they’re unable to attend (and those alternates can work as assistant GMs)

  • Trades are allowed but must be approved by the commissioner (me)

  • Mock Draft room will go live February 1 at 7pm EST with each team having three minutes on the clock to make their selection

The Draft Scout + Discord

When I started making plans for The Draft Scout over the summer of 2020, one thing I wanted to get back to was the community feel that the NFL draft really builds. That took me back to my start in this industry.

One thing many people probably don’t know is that Bleacher Report wasn’t where I got my start in the draft industry. Some old-timers might remember my website, New Era Scouting, where I was able to build a solid, independent following but even that wasn’t where I truly got started.

My first job covering the draft? A website called NFL Draft Blitz, where I first worked as a moderator on their message board before covering the San Francisco 49ers for the site.

What I wanted for The Draft Scout was a throwback to those days where fans could post, interact, learn and find a respite from the toxicity that is Twitter.

No politics. No trolls. No fear of posting your opinions. No echo chamber.

So we’re doing it. Twitter will always be important to this industry, but I hope you’ll consider joining The Draft Scout on Discord for deeper prospect talk, a whole lot of fun, special member perks (like discounts on merch and Boulevard beer hook-ups) and access to myself and other industry experts who will be signing up as well.

Paid members can expect a link today in their email (and on the site) to join. So, if you haven’t already, please consider clicking that “Subscribe” link. Articles start rolling out February 11 with a full seven-round mock draft and you get instant-access to the Discord server.