Joe Tryon 2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Name: Joe Tryon

College: Washington

Height: 6050

Weight: 259

Overall Rank: No. 45 overall

Position Rank: EDGE8

Strengths: Joe Tryon is an athletic defender with elite quickness, agility, and explosive burst. He’s an excellent athlete at his size and has the versatility to step into several different roles at the NFL level. Tryon has great lateral movement skills and understands the field very well. He has all the traits you want to see in a starting edge rusher. Tryon has fluid movement, does a good job keeping his hips low, and has an explosive first step. Tryon gives equal effort in the run defense and doesn’t seem to mind where he’s lined up. While it’s not a highlight of Tryon’s skillset, he can drop back into coverage when needed. Tryon’s speed should translate at the NFL level, and it could help him make an impact immediately outmatching unathletic blockers.  

Weaknesses: Tryon needs to continue building up his play strength as he enters the league. As athletic as he is, he often finds himself being outmatched by bigger stronger blockers. This isn’t a major negative on Tryon, but it’s definitely something to monitor at the next level. Tryon has a tendency to lose track of the ball carrier at times and can look lost; in some instances, even pursuing the wrong player. Tryon can make an impact on an NFL defense immediately, but he still has raw tools to refine in order to develop into more than a situational pass rusher. He has the talent and raw ability to outmatch and win when facing double teams; he’s not quite there yet. 

What I Love: My favorite aspect about Joe Tryon’s game is how he never seems to slow down. He has a high motor and is always looking to get after the quarterback. He continuously fights through initial contact and never gives up on a play. Even against the run, Tryon continues to show a high engine to his game that defensive coordinators will love. Relentless is a word I’d use to describe his game; he never seems satisfied and always looks hungry for more.  

NFL Comparison: Bud Dupree

Grade: 83/100

Position Specific Traits:
(key: +, ++, +++ positive scale | -, - -, - - - negative scale)

Athletic Ability: +++

Pass Rush Power: ++

Pass Rush Speed: +++

Run Support: ++

Speed/Burst: +++

Strength: +