Insider Buzz: NFL Scouts Pick Most Overrated 2022 Prospects

If your summer has been like mine, it’s flying by and we’re already looking at college football previews and 2022 NFL draft primers. That time is coming quickly, but before it gets here it’s time to get back into frequent “Insider Buzz” articles where we talk to NFL scouts, coaches and decision-makers about the upcoming draft class.

Today, we’re focusing on those players who come into the season with more media hype than substance according to scouts. This doesn’t mean the players aren’t talented and it doesn’t mean they can’t play their way into early selections, but in the opinion of the pros, these prospects are getting too much pub headed into the season.

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CB Kaiir Elam, Florida

Scout’s Take: “He’s more name than anything right now and that school (Florida) hasn’t produced a good cornerback since I don’t know when.”

Scout’s Take: “We have a Round 2-3 grade on him right now. He’s not super athletic. People ranking him ahead of (Derek) Stingley are crazy.”

TE Jahleel Billingsley, Alabama

Scout’s Take: “Breakout player candidate for sure, but the Kyle Pitts comparisons are hilarious. He’s not that gifted.”

Scout’s Take: “He has a Day 2 grade for us headed into the season, but we tend to be pretty conservative with summer grades.”

OL Kenyon Green, Texas A&M

Scout’s Take: “He is 100% a guard. I don’t know where any tackle talk is coming from. That alone puts him on Day 2.”

Scout’s Take: “He’s a former five-star (recruit) so that contributes to the hype, but his length and hand quickness won’t work at tackle in the league.”

EDGE Kingsley Enagbare, South Carolina

Scout’s Take: “GREAT athlete, but that’s about it so far. If he puts the tools together I could see him sneaking into Round 1.”

Scout’s Take: “We have a Day 3 grade on him. He’s all traits and his production doesn’t translate to individual success. I don’t get the Round 1 talk.”

OT Rasheed Walker, Penn State

Scout’s Take: “He’s really undersized (6’6”, 295 lbs) and it shows on tape because he’s just not very strong. I don’t know where you play him in the NFL.”

Scout’s Take: “He’s athletic but super lean, so for some teams I bet his grade is pretty low. If he can bulk up some, I could see him rising to Round 1-2.”

QB Malik Willis, Liberty

Scout’s Take: “His arm has a LONG way to go; more accuracy concerns than Trey Lance last year. The running ability is insane though. Best since Lamar (Jackson).”

Scout’s Take: “If you worried about size and level of competition with Zach Wilson, you’re going to worry about it with Willis too. I’m still waiting to see him make consistent pro-level throws and not just tuck-and-run.”