Exciting Changes at The Draft Scout

More content & new voices for 2021-2022

TL;DR — we’re making some BIG changes at The Draft Scout, but most importantly we’re making some BIG additions.

Some of this we teased following the 2021 NFL Draft—like the addition of Mello to head up our CFB team. Some of it’s new and has been in the works this summer as I took a much-needed (and probably annoying to many of you) break from writing for the first time in 10 years.

Instead of burying the lede (a specialty of mine), let’s dive in on what’s changing and what we’re adding.

PRICE: New monthly subscriptions will change from $7/month to $10/month starting September 1st. For existing subscribers, you won’t see a change on your monthly plan. This only affects new sign-ups.

You might wonder why we’re charging more, and the simple answer is that it costs more to run the site with the changes we’re making and the additions we’re adding. And we value your support whether you’re on the free emails list or locked in as a $300/year founding member. And we hope you’ll be as excited as we are about the new additions to the site. Again, this doesn’t affect you if you’re already a paid subscriber, so keep coming back for the great content you signed up for!

If you’re on our FREE list and have been waiting until “draft season” to sign up, I would encourage you to sign up now to save $3 a month or sign up for that yearly subscription to support us year ‘round.


—PODCAST: We’re excited to announce that Mic’d Up—a daily sports radio show on Fox Sports Joplin—is transitioning under the Draft Scout umbrella and moving to a daily college football, NFL and NFL draft podcast hosted by our CFB lead, Mello. This daily podcast will be available through The Draft Scout newsletter, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and wherever you get your shows! We’re also experimenting with streaming the show daily on YouTube, Twitch or another service. We want to hear from you though—what do our friends prefer?

—TAILGATE TOUR: Thanks to vaccines, we’re excited to get back on the road this college football season hosting Tailgate Tour and awesome events for our subscribers.

Our first tailgate weekend takes place in Kansas City, MO the weekend of September 11 & 12 where we’ll kickoff the fun at Atomic Cowboy for a Texas @ Arkansas watch party on Saturday night.

From there, come see us in Lot J at Arrowhead Stadium where we’ll record our podcast, hang out with our awesome friends (you) and prepare for the NFL season to kickoff. This is a 3:25pm kickoff, so prepare for the tailgate to begin around 11am central time. A ticket to the game is required to attend, but there is no cover charge. Beers will be provided.

USER EXPERIENCES: We didn’t get the off-season traction or interest we expected on user-controlled experiences, but we’ll be bringing back Happy Hours, user-run mock drafts, and interactive scouting classes this fall.

2022 DRAFT COVERAGE: This is what I’m most excited for. The “Scouting Notebook” column returns September 7 and will run weekly giving you inside information on college football, the NFL and NFL Draft. And of course we’ll continue to run monthly mock drafts, big boards and player profiles/scouting reports as well as breaking news reports and reactions via articles, videos, podcasts and more!

A GROWING TEAM: The Draft Scout was created when I decided to leave Bleacher Report after a 10-year run and a lot of lessons learned. This year we’ve already been fortunate to add Corey Seeley (NFL) and Mello (CFB) to our team—but we’re not done yet. There is room on our crew for:

*Social Media Manager(s)

*NFL, CFB, Fantasy Football and NFL Draft writers, podcasters and video creators

*Graphic Designer(s)

If interested, please send a cover letter, resume and examples of your work to matt@thedraftscout.com!

We greatly appreciate your support of The Draft Scout since our launch six months ago. We promise you the best content possible over the next season!


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