Dillon Radunz 2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Name: Dillon Radunz

Position: Offensive Tackle

College: North Dakota State

Height: 6’6”

Weight: 301 lbs

Overall Rank: No. 61  overall

Position Rank: OT9

Strengths: Highly-decorated player in the North Dakota State program that has been a stalworth along the offensive line with 32 consecutive starts. Radunz has good competitive toughness and pairs it with excellent overall awareness and processing on the field to adjust angles and handle games up front. Radunz wants to be the first to the action and has a finisher’s mentality along the offensive line. He does a good job fitting his hands inside and will drive through the echo of the whistle to put someone on his highlight tape. His hand usage is above-average and he shows a good ability to use independent strikes with good accuracy to win the moment-to-moment aspects of each rep. He replaces his punch with good timing and is patient when necessary. As a run blocker, he excels on down blocks, targeting the hip of the defender well and playing with a little nastiness to get horizontal movement. He understands repositioning to maintain leverage in his anchor and can handle some speed-to-power transitions when pressed head up.

Weaknesses: The first thing NFL teams will want to see is how Radunz handles NFL-caliber competition every snap. He competed especially well at the Senior Bowl, but those practices pale in comparison to the mid-summer training camp grind. Radunz has moments on film where his reactive athleticism underwhelms and, against NFL players, those concerns could be even more pronounced. If he isn’t able to get depth in his set, speed rushers with good bend are able to collapse the edge and force him to open early and lunge, leading to rough losses. He needs to improve his core stability and strength in his posterior chain to fix some of the balance issues that show up on film. As he plays with limited balance, he’s too often lunging and reaching at defenders on his outside edge.

What I Love: Radunz plays with attitude on the field and has an alpha mentality in the run game that leads to some plays of him embarrassing the competition.

NFL Comparison: Jonah Williams

Grade: 80/100

Position Specific Traits:
(key: +, ++, +++ positive scale | -, - -, - - - negative scale)

Agility: ++
Footwork: ++
Length: +
Run Blocking: +++
Pass Blocking: ++
Strength: ++