Introducing The Draft Scout

The Draft Scout, by Matt Miller

After a decade of covering the NFL and NFL Draft for Bleacher Report, it was time to change things up. This is that change.

No more ads. No more click-bait. No more videos popping up while you’re trying to read. And no more slideshows (RIP).

For those who want real, unbiased coverage of the NFL and NFL draft, this is where you want to be. There’s no boss to appease. There are no league partnerships to be mindful of. There will be real, informative, fun, entertaining coverage of the sport we all love and care about.

If you’re tired of how football coverage has shifted in recent years, The Draft Scout will be a throw-back to days of real coverage, real insight and in-depth reporting. And you get to be a part of that as a subscriber with awesome perks (happy hours, special Q&A sessions, scouting clinics and tailgate tours) in addition to mock drafts, scouting reports, big boards and all the news and rumors you can handle.

What to expect?

I know you’re wondering… “Why pay $7 to read articles?”.

At Bleacher Report, we built a community of readers and listeners who loved the NFL and NFL draft; that’s what we’ll do here, too. Subscribers will get access to in-depth reporting, stories, rumors, news, scouting reports and mock drafts but they’ll also be part of the process and get access to:

  • Member Mock Drafts — You’re the GM in a live Zoom draft

  • Member Discord server

  • Special Q&A sessions

  • Zoom Scouting Clinics

  • Zoom Happy Hours

  • Fan Events (tailgate tour, brewery takeovers, etc.)

  • Weekly Scouting Notebook posts

  • Bi-monthly mock drafts and big boards

  • In-depth scouting reports on the top 300 players in the class

Every article posted will be free for now, but eventually most of the content will be subscription based so I can give you the best work possible.

Sign up now so you don’t miss the first posts, coming February 11. And in the meantime, paid members will get access to the perks listed above.

Never miss a post

In the past you may have felt like finding my work was sometimes impossible. You won’t have to worry about missing a post or scrolling through an app to find articles anymore.

No more missing mock drafts or turning on tweet notifications hoping you can find a writer’s newest work. Every new edition of The Draft Scout goes directly to your inbox where you can read each article without ever leaving your email app.

Join the crew

Be part of a community of people who care about journalism and care about football and start gaining access to all new stories as they post; including access to special subscriber events and perks!

And for the really big fans, you can check out the Founding Member option. This allows you to put in any dollar amount over the $70/year price (which helps me out) and you’re a Founding Member. This means the same level of access, but a free The Draft Scout hoodie and 50 entries into any 417 Foundation charity raffle of your choice.

In the meantime, tell your friends and consider supporting the cause by signing up!