Cameron McGrone 2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Name: Cameron McGrone

College: Michigan

Height: 6-1

Weight: 239

Overall Rank: No. 106 overall

Position Rank: LB10

Strengths: Cameron McGrone is an explosive fluid linebacker who plays at his best when defending the run or playing back in coverage. He’s agile and understands how to take proper angles; is a willing and successful tackler. McGrone has shown solid footwork and is able to quickly and efficiently move in numerous different directions. He is competitive when following tight ends downfield and has good instincts on the football. When blitzing, McGrone understands the timing and how to fine holes in the offensive line; and he’s also shown an ability to shed blocks and take advantage of the angles he uses. 

Weaknesses: McGrone is still somewhat inexperienced at the position, and a bit raw in a lot of aspects to this game. His consistency and techniques weren’t always there for him. With less than two full seasons of playing time, McGrone still has bad habits that have to be coached out of him before becoming a a full time defender. McGrone is a player who could contribute on a part-time basis year one, but would benefit from coaching and learning when he enters the league.  

What I Love: McGrone’s raw talent and ability is something a head coach will fall in love with. He didn’t truly showcase all of his talents while at Michigan. If he continues to advance some of his tools and techniques, he could develop into a three-down linebacker able to do a lot of the things you see in today’s elite linebackers. McGrone has the explosive burst to be a real contributor at the next level; and could become a special player if some of the raw traits come to fruition in the NFL. 

NFL Comparison: Fred Warner

Grade: 74/100

Position Specific Traits:
(key: +, ++, +++ positive scale | -, - -, - - - negative scale)

Athletic Ability: ++

Football IQ/Instincts: ++

Pass Coverage: ++

Pass Rush: +

Run Defense: ++

Tackling: ++