Benjamin St-Juste 2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Name: Benjamin St-Juste

Position: Cornerback

College: Minnesota

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 202 lbs

Overall Rank: No. 95 overall

Position Rank: CB12

Strengths: A top-ranked Canadian recruit out of high school, Benjamin St-Juste signed with Michigan before eventually transferring to Minnesota for the 2019 season. He has undeniable physical traits, including excellent overall length and size that allow him to compete at all levels of the field. He’s aggressive in run support and takes tackling seriously, often showing strong technique to wrap and drive through the finish. St-Juste plays the ball well in the air, using his length to disrupt the catch-point. He has the length and strength to be a good press corner, with the competitive toughness to frustrate receivers at the line and throughout the entire route stem. St-Juste excelled at the Senior Bowl and answered some questions about his ability in 1-on-1s versus good competition. The physical profile alone is going to turn heads but there’s major upside with starting potential as a rookie.

Weaknesses: St-Juste simply doesn’t have enough college experience to have developed the technical nuance needed at the position. He’s improving, but there’s more growth that must occur. He has average on-field burst, largely due to a lack of confidence in what he’s seeing. St-Juste needs time in a scheme to begin identifying route concepts and how they play out, allowing him to be more confident and really unleash his physical tools. St-Juste’s change-of-direction skills are limited and he’ll struggle to get back in-phase when playing off-man and allowing shifty receivers to get deep into their route stem. The ball skills in college are underwhelming and he isn’t the kind of takeaway machine that is ideal in a corner with his length and ability to challenge the ball in-flight.

What I Love: St-Juste has the ideal physical profile for a modern cornerback and doesn’t shy away from contact at all levels of the field. 

NFL Comparison: Joejuan Williams

Grade: 75/100

Position Specific Traits:

(key: +, ++, +++ positive scale | -, - -, - - - negative scale)

Athletic Ability: +

Man Coverage: ++

Run Support: ++

Speed: +

Strength: ++

Zone Coverage: +