2022 NFL Offseason: Fixing the Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions have not won a game in 2021. They have no long-term answer at quarterback. Their franchise left tackle is upset with the perception that his stock is fading while the 2021 first-rounder is waiting in the wings to take his job.

First-year general manager Brad Holmes and first-year head coach Dan Campbell have their work cut out for them. We’re here to help.

Our “Fixing” series begins with the 0-8-1 Lions. With a projected $41 million available in cap space this coming offseason and 11 projected draft picks, what moves can Holmes and Campbell make to not only improve the team in 2022 but also to set a foundation for a roster build that will last into the future?

How does a team get fixed? It all starts with the general manager and head coach, so we’ll evaluate those as well as the salary cap health of the team. But there are five positions most important to the success of a football team—quarterback, a pass-catcher, left tackle, a pass-rusher, and a cover man—and we’ll evaluate those on this and every team that warrants a fix.

What goes into this series?

  • Evaluating the front office and head coach

  • Evaluating the salary cap and free agency

  • Evaluating core positions and team needs

  • Predicting free agent signings

  • Predicting 2022 draft picks

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