2022 NFL Draft: Matching QB Needs with QB Prospects

One of the biggest talking points every NFL season is the market at the quarterback position. It’s something every draft analyst, coach, scout, and general manager looks at. What is the availability of the position—via the draft, free agency and the trade market—versus the amount of teams that need a quarterback.

Because you can’t draft what isn’t there, teams and analysts must also look at how many starter-level quarterbacks will be available in a given off-season versus how many top-end backups who could be stop-gap starters (think Teddy Bridgewater) are out there and can attempt to hold over a team.

With the NFL season roughly 33 percent in the books, we’re going to play matchmaker by looking at available quarterbacks—both prospect and potentially available quarterbacks—and looking at immediate and future needs at quarterback.

Follow along, this will be fun.

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